December 28, 2010

A New Mini

I made a new mini album.   I posted it over at my TwoPeas Gallery.  It was so fun and easy.  I just love it!  I have not filled it in yet but I plan on doing that soon.  I made it up using the Starbucks sleeves that I had saved for my December Daily.  Well, I did not use them for that but I did still want to recycle them so I made this little book.
I kept it very simple by using the same formula on each page.  A little punched square (which, by the way, was punched out of a Making Memories package!) stitched to the insert with a heart/initial over it on each page.
I made one page for each kids story and a front page to tell a general story about how my kids like their stories. I put a little red gem in the center of the text on the sleeve.  (Those little gems have been my favorite item throughout December.  I put them on so many DD pages!)

And then on the back of each sleeve I included a photo of each of my kiddos.  The photos are from Christmas 2003.  Even though I used Christmas products and the holiday sleeves and even Christmas photos, I don't consider this a Christmas album at all.  I think maybe just Winter or even Valentines.  It has that feel to me.
My favorite part has to be all the stitching.  I love the red thread along the bottom of the sleeves and around the inserts.  I really love the x's along the spine.  That was very easy as well especially since the sleeves came with the perforations in them already!

So that is it.  All I have left to do is add the stories.  I don't have any plans to add any other embellishments.  I don't feel like it needs more.  I just want them to have a little place to visit one of the many, many stories they so love to hear.  And it was fun to make and use up some more of the pile of Christmas product I have on my desk!  Maybe you will like to try one, too?

December 27, 2010

Days 22-25

What a wonderful Christmas!  I hope everyone had a superb holiday and had lots of joy and family! I finally  finished up my December Daily.   I'm so ready to move on.  I loved the process so much but truly I'm ready to do Valentine's now!  So here are the last days of my DD album.
Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 25 is missing the 6x8 photo because I ran out of 8x10 photo paper.  I'll add that when I get the paper.  And that is it.  I loved making this and sharing and being inspired by so many of your albums!  Thanks for looking!

love, Lisa

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night.  An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified.  But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.  This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” 
~Luke 2:8-12 NIV

December 22, 2010

Day 19, Day 20 & Day 21

Catching up again.  This guilt.  I read Ali's post from one of the days and felt better because a stranger said this could be done guilt free.  One our own timeline.  Is that too weird?  I had fun doing these pages.  I like the digital parts as well as the traditional scrapbook pages on these which is different for this album.
Day 19

I'm already coming up with ideas for next year (if I do this).  I love this process.  I love the book even more.  I have not looked through it as a whole until this morning.  So much more that could have been told, but how could we include it all?  I don't feel like I need to.
Day 20

 From the beginning of this project I have wanted to include a list of my family's favorites (traditions, food, song) from Christmastime.  I finally just did it and even though the finished page is not the work of art I had planned on doing for this, I'm sure in the future I'll just be glad I did it.  It'll be neat to see the changes.
Day 21

A last letter to Santa.  My kids have always written letters to Santa and obviously the older ones have not done this for some time now but Josh still participated.  Until this year.  I only had to ask him once if he wanted to write a note to Santa and he complied.  I could tell this will be the last one.  He is 11 now.  I would think a kid could write to Santa until they were say 15.  Is that weird, too?  Maybe I just want him to stay a kid a bit longer than he wants to.  What parent doesn't?

Hoping everyone has a great day full of love and Christmas!

love, Lisa

December 19, 2010

Day 18

Day 18

I love the actions that come right on my camera.  I used them to take a few photos of the lights and I love the different effects.  One is PopArt and the other is SoftLight.  No photoshop on these and I like them.

Thanks for looking!  Enjoy the day.

love, Lisa

December 18, 2010

Day 16 and Day 17

Playing catch up.  I must admit I'm disappointed in myself for not keeping up.  I don't know why except that I was doing so well and then boom...nothing.  Anyway, I was super motivated today and got much done!  So glad to have this done as well.  It was important to me.  And I got to do a bit of traditional scrapbooking as well as look back at some old photos for my "Christmas Past" layout.  That was eye-opening.  My kids are growing up, too fast.
Day 16

I've been adding the TPC Studios gems to so many of my pages.  I love them.  I just sprinkle them around the page and  I like the little bit of sparkle they are adding.

For day 17 more of the simple scrapbooking I'm used to.
Day 17

That's it.  All caught up and it feels good!  This album and the daily process of documenting has become important and special to me.  Love it and so glad I did it...just 8 days to go!  I can't believe it!

love, Lisa

December 15, 2010

Day 14

It's back!  Yesterday was not so Christmas-y for me but today is a different story.  I don't know what it was but I'm pretty sure it is over now since all I can think about is Christmas stuff!  Maybe it is the weather here in Colorado.  Sunny, high of 64 yesterday!  This is more like Autumn or late Spring for us.  No snow in sight and there hasn't been for weeks.  Except in the mountains.  That's a big bummer.

Today was an average work day.  Nothing really Christmas-y to document but there was something that does happen around here everyday and I thought that it warrants a page of its own.

My son Joshua goes to school right across the street from our house.  He literally walks out the front door, down to the edge of our property where the crosswalk is, crosses the street and he is on the school grounds.  Well, one of our morning rituals is saying goodbye and watching him cross.

I keep watch through the kitchen window while Rokie cries for him at the living room window.  It is such a sight.  I think the puppy actually starts to get anxious when he sees Josh start gathering his school bag and putting on his jacket.

He's not wagging his tail, he's not hopping around.  He's just standing as close to the door as possible while still trying to keep an eye on the movements of each of us so he knows what is happening.  He crowds the door and we have to physically hold him from bounding through when it is open.

Once Josh is out the door and it is closed, he leaps to the sofa and pushes his nose through the curtains (if they are not open yet) and whimpers as he watches boy make his way to the schoolyard.  It is quite the ordeal some mornings.  Big puppy crying in the window.  Little puppy (sometimes) hopping around trying to see what is going on up there.

When Josh is out of sight, Rokie then proceeds to pout.  He lays at the front door with his eyes looking all sad.  He lets everyone step over him.  He lets little dog pester him with no consequence.  He lets out the occasional whimper, the occasional sigh.

This can go on for up to 30 minutes.  It's cute, funny, sometimes sad.  It's our Rokie.  He is the sweetest, happiest puppy I've ever known.  Unless someone walks out the door, that is.
Here are the pages to go with this story.

Day 14  

Once again I made some changes to the original page.  I used it as is but I cut it down around the journaling block to make the whole page lighter.  All in all I think I'm happiest with the digital pages.  I don't know if I'm running out of creativity or if I'm ready to change the style of my scrapbooking but honestly, I have not been super pleased with my pages lately.  I'm liking the digital pages that I make more and more.

Hope everyone is enjoying the month and all that goes with it!  God bless!

love, Lisa

December 14, 2010

Day 13

Day 13

Sadly, I did not have any Christmas inspiration today.  I was however thinking about my sweet niece, PeytanBella and missing her so very much.  I made these pages quickly using mostly Photoshop then just added a couple bits of girly pink and a Making Memories frame and called it good.  Anyone else feeling like the inspiration is waning?  Hope it picks up soon!  We are almost at Christmas!!  Still loving the process of documenting daily but I have a new respect for the time and effort it takes to pull this off full time.  Kudos to those who do this all the time!  The inspiration they provide is now more appreciated than ever!

God Bless you today!

December 13, 2010

Day 12

Sunday home with my gang is the best day.  Sunday is usually a family day around here.  We never plan to do too much on this day.  No visitors today which is fine.  Though, Sunday is my favorite day to have people over.  I just love making food and treats for everyone and sometimes sending them home with snacks or lunch for the next day.

 Today my big helper in the kitchen was my ChelseaRae.  She stayed through the whole thing, from start to finish.  We made marshmallows.  We made cookies.  We made dinner.  And we even made dinner for tomorrow.  I love being ahead!  Thanks, SweetRae!!  I love being in the kitchen with you.

Day 11

Today was all about home.  Being here with my family.  Listening to Chelsea play with the puppies.  Lil' Andy laughing at whatever video is on his Ipod, Josh practicing his recorder and Dad sounds upset at the football game.  (Broncos are losing...again).  I hear the washer going in the basement and the Dad and the boys cleaned up the kitchen.  I can tell because I hear the dishwasher running.  They always start it right away, I always wait until right before bed.  I love these sounds.

December 12, 2010

Day 11 and More Handmade Ornaments

\Getting out with my guys + Mom + sister + Snow White was a nice break from routine.  Josh had a friend over and went to see Harry Potter.  Middle Son drove us around most of the afternoon.  (He is really racking up the driving hours!)  We went to Hammonds for some candy canes.  My sister took Josh with her to a Christmas party at her friends parents home.  That was lovely.  And I went shopping with Snow White, a.k.a. Olive.  She was all dressed up yesterday because she had gone to see Disney On Ice in the morning.  She was getting so much attention while we shopped.  Many stores, some shopping, lots of chatting and hanging out.  Great fun!
So here it is  Day 11.

It was a great day out.  In the morning, though, I was able to make two more ornaments for my tree!
I started with the original cover to my DD album, which I changed.

Here is what I came up with.  I simply added a trim to the bottom and a Santa charm that I've had forever

and I wanted to use on an ornament.

The second ornament was cut from this cover as well.  I cut a donut shape and covered it with the Prima poinsettias that I love so much.  Very simple and very elegant, I think.

That's it for today.  I'm off to make some holiday treats with the kiddos.  

As always, many thanks for visiting and for the kind words that have been left.  It means a lot!  Have a wonderful day!  God bless!

love, Lisa