March 3, 2010


So...I'm afraid I have to admit that until recently I did not know what a WIP was.  As a crafter I thought that I was aware of all the terms and jargon common to crafting.  Well, I didn't know this one.  However, once I was educated on its meaning-work(s) in progress-I realized that I had many WIPs!  It was an exciting time.  A moment that renewed my passion for each project.  And while I did not go out and finish every one, in fact, I decided I liked having WIPs around, I did pull some of them out and look them over and changed my original ideas to fit what I felt at that moment.  And the ones that were finished made me happy. 

And now I like WIPs more than ever.  I like pulling out a project after its been started and put away unfinished so that new ideas and inspirations can be birthed and come to life!  It's exciting!  And dont get me wrong I love finished projects, too.  But for today, I'm looking for a WIP that will inspire me in a new direction and have new life.

Here are some of the WIPs I pulled out today.

And I have many others.  These are some that I want to finish soon.  Maybe I'll have a finished project to share soon!

1Thessalonians 5:11- Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
This verse inspired me today. 

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