July 21, 2010


The weather has been refreshing the past two days.  Cloudy and breezy days in the midst of our summers dry heat are so very welcome.  It even rained some.  Makes me want to curl up and watch movies.  Instead I've been sewing on a hoop.  Pieces to little bags that I will be making soon.  It is so easy and relaxing and portable.  I can have it near me while doing almost anything else.  Except reading.
It started yesterday.  I was just browsing one of my favorite blogs (PosyGetsCozy)  reading about the summer booklist and found that I have in my possession or have already read many of the books on this list.  So, I added this list to my list of things to do this summer.  Actually (and more realistically) it will probably take me til well into the holidays to read this whole list.  But I started and finished one today.  One of my favorites, which I have read many times before but is always a treat to revisit.  A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park.  It is the only one of her books that I have read but I've read the excerpts from Shard and I think I would like to read them.  I have not counted the number of books on said booklist but I plan on doing this and counting each as I go.  (By the way, I'm only reading the list for "Bigger Kids" aged 9 and up.) 

In addition to reading and sewing and the normal everyday stuff like laundry and dishes, I hope to get around to fixing this mess.  I'm in need of a new "work" space.  My current room is just too cluttered and messy.  I have no idea how to fix this but I'm going to.  Just need to work out the kinks, like no budget for this, no patience for this and no inspiration.  No problem! 

Back to sewing.  And reading. 

God bless your day and may He inspire you as He does me!


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