August 17, 2010

Back to School, Summer Reading & Looking Ahead

Today was the first day of school for my boys.  This summer (break) has gone by so fast.  I hardly blinked and those long days were over.  We were not very busy.  No trips or vacations. No big projects.  No renovations or remodels.  Just about 100 hot, long, summer days and nights.  I did get back to work and did a lot of sewing, though.

I did some summer reading.  I have always loved to read but in the past many years I have forsaken books except to have them around me to make things look pretty.  Now, however, having been inspired by a certain book list, I have picked them up again.  I have decided to start with the ones I have already read.  The ones I know that I love.  

This is my pile so far.  I don't know where I'll keep them when the pile gets much larger as they are going to obstruct my lamp and they may prove to be too much of a burden for my rickety old side table but this will not be a problem for the near future as I do not read that fast.

Which is also the case for my sewing/crafting/crocheting.  I'm not that fast.  Hence, I have begun to look forward to those cooler, shorter, sometimes stormier days that just make me want to do handicrafts.  Yes! It is only mid-August and already I am looking forward to autumn days.  I have also been thinking about the holidays.  Is that so strange? 

 I have so many things that I want to make for gifts that it seems I should have started in January.  I'm that slow.  And I have been known to procrastinate.  That is all behind me now because the beginning of the school year is like a new beginning for me also!  I'm going to make things happen!

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