September 20, 2010

KCWC Day One

So, I almost let myself get discouraged today after seeing all of the beautiful finished projects that have been posted for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  Maybe I am going about this the wrong way.  I might be but I am determined to continue.  So here is what I did today...

1.  I chose the fabrics I will be using and I sketched the design I want to make.  I dont have a pattern so I am making my own.  I have the general design down and I just finished looking up the dimensions for a toddler size 5.  (I dont know why I'm making it this size, as my little ones are not that little anymore!)

2.  Washed the fabrics and made template outlines.

That's it.  Really.

Wow...I feel more behind than when I started this!
But I'm determined to finish this one project this week.  One hour a day.  I hope those are the rules.  Are there rules?  Hmmm....

Going to find out!

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