September 22, 2010

KCWC Day Three

Day three and the pieces are coming together nicely.  I'm enjoying the process of making the patterns/templates for the individual pieces.  And as always, I love seeing it evolve into the piece it will eventually be.

Here is the outer shell in red wool.  I was given this yardage in a box of old sewing stuff.  It was probably 5 yards, maybe more.  I should have measured!  Anyway, I'm getting good use of it. 

 After washing it, pressing it and cutting it into a manageable size, it was very nice to work with.  It goes through the machine very well.  I like red wool.  Below is the inside.  This is a yard of French General that
I got at my favorite local fabric/yarn store.  It was on sale.  I love it. I think it would be very nice to wear.  I discovered that I like to put sleeves on a garment.  It is like pinning the bottoms of the Olivia bag that I love to make.

And this is bringing me closer to a finished project and hopefully a new pattern that I made all by myself.  Hope it turns out as well as I hope although is is quite different from my original idea.  That's how it goes.

Love and God bless always.

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