September 12, 2010

Peytan Bag

Bags, bags, bags.  I have so many.  I've made so, so many!  While all of them are super simple, they are all still very fun to make.  This one I call "Peytan".  So called for my sweet little niece PeytanBella.

She is 2.  She is funny and sweet and she calls my son and husband "Y".  That is how she says "Andy".  She walked around the house calling "Yyy!" whenever she was looking for one of them.  So adorable.

This is one that I made with a front flap.  Kind of a messenger style.  It has a little pocket under the flap and a little bit larger pocket inside.
This is the same bag except I did not make the flap and instead closed the top with a zipper.  It also has one inner pocket which I call the "chapstick" pocket.   I think I would like to try one that has a zipper on top as well as a front flap to conceal a small pocket on the outside.  I would use that for a phone, maybe.

And I just had to post a picture of the little "Olivia" bag that I made for Peytan.  This is one of the cutest, I think.  
This red polka dot is a favorite fabric.  And I loved doing the stitching.  I just used a newly discovered stem stitch to write the word stuff in red DMC.  This also has one large inside pocket.  Very sweet for a little girl to carry her things in.

Still working on the Autumn House embroidery project.  Truth be told, I actually started it over.  I was not totally pleased with the stitching or the shape of the tree.  After reading this new book (which I have read several times, cover to cover, not to mention just looking at the pictures!) I was inspired to start over and try a transfer technique that is discussed in the book.  I drew the picture to scale and then used my light box to trace it onto the linen.  It worked wonderfully!  I'm loving the result and it is so much easier than coming up with the design as I sew.  I guess I've been doing it the hard way all along!  Well, no more of that!

The other project that took some time was a costume for my Princess.  She wanted a kimono costume to wear to a convention.  So I made one.  And then she wanted a matching bag.  So, of course, I made one of those, too.  She wanted an "Olivia" bag.  And instead of "stuff" she wanted "love".  In Japanese.  Kanji, no less.  So I made that, too.
I hope to complete my Autumn project this week.  As well as put out the fall decorations that I have.  No photos of this til I get a new camera as my Nikon lens is broken.  I hope to get a new one soon.  Camera, not lens as I have never been very pleased with the Nikon.  I liked both my old Olympus and Canon better.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens.  

Love and God Bless,



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