September 29, 2010

A Quilt Story and Quilt Story

I made my first quilt many years ago from a book of baby quilts that I purchased at a favorite local quilt shop.  I made it for my baby sister.  I think she had it for many years but does not have it any longer.  I want to make her a new one.  I want to do that soon.  I knew I loved sewing/quilting then even though the quilt itself was only pieced and then "quilted" with little rosettes in some of the squares.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to do it again.  I did not give it a go until last year when I started a collection of old sweat type pants that someone in my family didn't use or in some cases couldn't use any longer.  They were all so worn and soft.  The kind of wear that happens over time with many, many washings.  They felt nice.  So I cut them up.

And then for some reason or another all of these wonderful squares of soft, comfy fabric sat unattended for a period of about 7 months.  And in the same way they were put to the side and forgotten, they were just as quickly and suddenly my hearts desire again.  Something sparked interest and a need to complete something.
In a matter of a couple of days I had put them together in strips.  It was only after I had determined to finish this project that this (and all that occured because of it) happened and the new strips sat, once again, unattended.    I thought often during this recovery about finishing this project.  I knew it was not going to be an heirloom or keepsake.  More along the lines of a throw to use in the grass and on the floor and in the truck but I still wanted to complete something.
It wasn't until June that I started it up again.  This time with inspiration and vigor.  Not to mention a new machine with many stitch functions!  In no time (read:  approximately 4 days) I had the strips sewn together to form a top.  I had layered it with a piece of organic dyed broadcloth in a striking blue and a nice thin natural batting.  It was pinned.  And now it was time to quilt.  I chose to do straight lines following the seams on either side.  This took the longest of all the separate parts.  It is no small task to get that huge roll through the arm of a small machine.  But it worked.  And surprisingly, it turned out to be a quilt!
Not perfect by any means but still something I was glad to say I had finished.  Something useful.  And warm.  And cozy.  I like it.  I loved the process.

It was about then that I discovered quilt blogs.  During this recovery I had plenty of time to seek out inspiration.  I found (through many links) Quilt Story during this time.  I have since found much inspiration here.  I am sure that there will be more quilt projects to come from all of this inspiration!  I'm already excited to start the next one.  Will it be the idea for my son or the one for my sister?  Or even the one for a special teacher with a new daughter?  Hmm..these are tough decisions.

Love to you, Lisa. 

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