September 27, 2010

Scrapbooking is instantly....

gratifying.  I suppose it can take a long time to make a layout.  In fact, sometimes it does take me a long time to make just one layout.  But not today.  I made three.  3!
I wanted to do something with these old autumn themed papers that I have had for some years.  I went back into last years pictures and found these of Olive.  She was choosing a pumpkin in our back yard.  It was a fun time.
These are pictures from this year.  Memorial Day weekend.  We had a family gathering/barbecue in the backyard.  It is not often these two get together for a long period of time.  I had recently bought these new stickers by My Minds Eye and wanted to use them.  That is kinda different for me as I usually just hoard the cutest items and end up not using them for a long time...sometimes years! 
These were fun.  I wanted to use a lot of embellishments... stickers, gems, punches, flowers, etc.  And I did.  I'm always inspired by Irene Tan of Scrapperlicious.  She makes the most beautiful layouts and adds so much stuff while still focusing attention on the photos.  I aspire to make beautiful pages like hers!
I have more pictures lined up to print.  I'm hoping to get some more pages done this week.  If this weather (nice and warm, often hot) keeps up I may be scrapping quite a bit.  

Though I am wanting to start something new in my embroidery hoop.  Plus there are Christmas gifts to start...
Loving all the prospects of creativity!

God Bless,


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Evette said...

Oh how beautiful...I see your talent has progressed and progressed!You are brilliant! Such neat stuff!