October 27, 2010

2fer Wednesday

Today I made one project I will use for 2 links!  I missed Fabric Tuesday! yesterday but I hope that I can still post this today.  It is also the final week of the So Sew! challenge and the word is orange.  I actually had a small bit of an orange fabric.  So I made one item that I can link for both!  Yay!
I really enjoyed the challenge of making a project each week.  Hope they do this again!  

We don't really do Halloween in a big way around here.  I just thought it would be nice to have a little something spooky.  Although the kiddos assure me that even though I added shiny green eyes to the little bat, he is still more cute than spooky.  So here is my project.  It's a basket for the Halloween candy we will give to the trick-or-treaters. It's made of canvas lined with craft weight Pellon iron in interfacing.  
 And here is a close up of those not-so-spooky-glowing-green bat eyes.
I guess they are not really so spooky after all.  But I don't really do spooky.  CSI is about as terrifying as I can handle.  So this will do nicely for this holiday.  Especially since it is going to be in plain sight.  
That (above) is the base of this project.  Just a couple of rectangles of canvas with the heavy interfacing ironed on.  Then I sewed the corners up to make a box, made a liner and put a bottom of heavy styrofoam to make it even more rigid.  Super simple, very fun.  I think I could even make different liners for other days or seasons.  Not that we will really need a candy basket this large for any other season is possible.

I also want to say a big Thanks! to Krista for linking to my little circus project on her blog!  Thanks :)

October 25, 2010

Quilting is Highly Addictive!

I can't stop quilting!  This is one bug I don't want to cure.  My hope is that by my 6,724th quilt, I will be an expert!  So far, I'm on my 3rd quilt.
This is a little, mini, baby quilt for a very special teacher who has a new baby girl.  This teacher is such a blessing!  She teaches the GT (gifted-talented) at my boys elementary school.  He is in 5th grade.  The start of last year was in GT at a different school and halfway through the year we moved and he started this new school.  Well, suffice it to say that this GT was very, very different from the previous.  He struggled through to the end of last year.
 This year we just had his first conference and it was so very outstanding!  He is her "hardest worker", he ran for student council (and won!), and his grades are excellent.  I'm so proud of him and so thankful that he has a teacher like her.  That is partially why I wanted to make her a little gift.
This pattern is from  I did not use Moda fabrics, instead I used prints that I had on hand and I got the always wonderful Robert Kaufman Kona cotton in Snow.  I just love the weight of that fabric.  It is easy to work with and washes nicely.   I loved the pattern from the moment I saw it!  And it was easy enough, I thought, that I could do it.  The only part I am not pleased with is the quilting.  I don't know why it is so puckered, I guess, is the right word.  What am I doing wrong??  Anyway, it was fun and I'm pleased with the result.  I hope she likes it.  And I hope it works for baby.

Now I have to go make something for Fabric Tuesday!  My newly favorited day of the week!

October 22, 2010

Week three was a doozy!

Overall, the So Sew challenges have been relatively easy.  I mean easy in that as soon as I saw the word for the week, I basically had an idea.  Except this week.  The word was circus.   I must say that this word took me by surprise and I had to think about this for a couple of days.
This is the finished item.  I don't really know what it is or what I'll use it for but I enjoyed making it.  It is a circus scene.  Complete with Big Top and well-trained animals.  And my favorite part, the flag bunting.
I was ready to try a couple of new techniques that I had no experience with.  One was appliqué.  I used Wonder Under for the piecing which was way simpler than I expected.  I think I would like to try this part again.  And the other is machine quilting around the design.  I have loved the look of this kind of quilting whenever I have seen it done but I am not so pleased with the way that it came out on this little piece.

Overall, it was fun to have this challenge this week.  I like that it made me go outside of my comfort zone in a way.  And I have to give credit to my little artist for making those cutsey little animals for me!  Thanks, Rae!
Stop by and check out the others' contributions on the Flickr group.  There was an adorable shirt and another elephant made an appearance as well.


October 19, 2010

It's Tuesday...Yay!

I have begun to immensely look forward to Fabric Tuesday!  I just love seeing how creative everyone is.  And then I spend the week gawking and trying to figure out how I can make those beautiful things!
Today I am adding another bag to the list.  I loovvee, love, love making bags!  I know I've said that before but it is still so true now.  I have been working on bags and I just got a nice tip from OhSewFresh.  I am in the midst of making a new bag but have some finishing up to do on it.

 And I really wanted to post one so I used one of my very favorites.  I call this the Olivia bag and I made it using all fabrics I had on hand.  I did the embroidery with some vintage silk twist.  I don't know what it is about the word stuff that I am stuck on.  I just like it.  So I sewed it.  I also added a large pocket on the inside.
I'll be finishing up a couple of projects I started this weekend very soon.  I hope to have some time to make myself a new bag soon.  In the meantime I have lots of embroidery to keep me going as I finally started doing the hand stitched portions of the quilt I will be making for a certain boy.  These are his own drawings.
I've got a stack to choose from!  I'm picking the ones he likes best.  Soon I'll have enough for the quilt.  Now I have to figure out how to put it together.  Any ideas??

October 15, 2010

Juxtaposition means

the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also: the state of being so placed.  This is according to my favorite dictionary.  I like this word.  Always have, I think.  And guess what?  It is the word for this weeks So Sew challenge!
When I signed up with this Flickr group and so, this challenge, I had thought about all the different sewing projects I would be able to do.  Well, a scrapbook page was not one of them.  However, when I saw the word, this recent photo of my son came to mind.  I wanted to use it on a page and the word just fit the sentiment that I wanted to convey.  And this is what I came up with.
And there is actually quite a bit of sewing on the page.  I sewed the stars onto their backing with my machine. I sewed on the background to attach the green paper to the slate cardstock on the machine as well.  Then I added just a few bits of hand stitching around the circle.  Some of which eventually ended up covered by the other stuff.  I do like it.  And this picture is a favorite.  We were at a diner one Saturday morning.  I was playing with my camera.  He let me just keep snapping away even though he was getting grumpy because he had not had his breakfast yet.  He is such a good sport for me.  Thanks, Lovebug!

Have a good day!

October 12, 2010

Fabric Tuesday!

I do love this thing on Tuesday.  By thing I mean the internet world.  On Tuesday I get to be pokey.  I invade others blogs shamelessly and drool over all of the beautiful things they make.  And sometimes I dare to post my own.  Today is one such day.  I posted a bag that I made.  It is simple in design but very functional.  Wide and roomy.
It has a zipper closure.  The bag also has interior pockets (though I could not get a good photo of them), one large zipped pocket and two smaller pouch pockets.  Plus a large button closure pocket on the outside front of the bag.  I like the big, shiny, pewter black button.  The inside is quilted fabric.  You know the kind that is two sided and has the diamond shape quilting that is bought right off a bolt?  I have no idea what it is called or if it even has a name.  Anyhow, that quilted fabric gives the bag a lot of body.  It is very sturdy. This color is not really my thing but I had wanted to try out adding zippers to one of the bags that I make, which is basically what I call a book bag with no closure, and I had lots of this fabric on hand.  Then I made this kind.  I like the size and the closures.  Good for overnight stuff.  I have made several more in colors more to my liking.  But I actually think that this one came out pretty good.  Bonus:  I just love making bags!

Have a great day!

October 10, 2010

Autumn in Colorado

It was a great Saturday for a little trip.  We took our family on a (very) short road trip south on Hwy 285.
We even took the newest member of our family, Rokie.  He is such a good puppy!  He is about 12 weeks now.  At least that is what we know from the man we got him from.  He belonged to a man that works with my hubby.  One day he brought Puppy to him and said...You are good man.  This is good dog.  I can no keep him.  You take.  So Andy brought him home.
We fell in love with him.  A day later the guy from work....he decided he wanted him back.  Can you believe it??  After we had spent the night with him?  And played and fed and tried to calm him?  The nerve!  Needless to say we did keep Rokie.  Turns out his real name was Rocky but the guys accent was so thick that Andy didn't understand too well and he came home and said...His name is Rrrokie.  With the rolled R, which we cannot do. So, Rokie stuck.
I'm glad we took him with us.  He had a blast.  We had a blast.  Perfect day. 
Colorado in the fall is so very nice.  Yesterday was perfect sweater weather.  And perfect picture weather.  The day was blue and bright.  I'm planning to go back to these places later in the season to see the change.  This little river will be solid ice in a couple of months, I think.  I hope I can find this same spot.
Of course, I took some sewing.  I finally started the embroidery for a quilt I have in mind as a Christmas gift and these little pictures are so portable, how could I not?!  

Happy Fall!
Love, Lisa

October 8, 2010

Crafting with Polka Dots

I love this blog.
I visited there earlier this week and found this post about So Sew and the challenge for this month.
So I joined the flickr group.  And I have been happily working on a couple of projects using polka dots.

 I didn't realize that I had so many forms of polka dots.  Fabrics and papers and ribbons.  I love dots!  They bring fun and whimsy to any project.  This is a little bag that I made for my niece, PeytanBella, this summer.  It is full of polka dots.
For this So Sew project I made a couple of pillows using a free tutorial from Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie, the blog I love.  I have been wanting to make these pillows with these same fabrics since I found the tutorial months ago, I just never made the time.

  This was the perfect inspiration to get them done.  Thanks for the tutorial!  I love the results!  I am ready to make many more!  And can I just add that working with a pattern/tutorial is sooo very nice!  I don't usually do this.  Sometimes I buy a pattern and make all sorts of little adjustments.  Most times I don't even use a pattern or I have to make my own.  This was way fun!  And it took no time at all. 

 In a matter of a couple of hours (minus fabric washing/drying/pressing time) I had made two cute pillows.  One for me and one for...well, I'm not sure why I made the other except that I wanted to.  And I had these nice Michael Miller lightweight corduroy fabrics on hand, which, by the way, happen to be some of the ones used in the tutorial!  This was completely by accident.

  I had these for a long time and had originally wanted to make cute jumpers for my nieces using these fabrics.  That never happened.  That would have been the case with the pillows except for this little So Sew project.  I just joined and then I just made the project.  Not a whole lot of thinking about it which is my biggest obstacle usually. 

 Glad I joined and super glad I made these!    Love that I had all this fabric on hand.  Really love that.

Enjoy the day! 


October 4, 2010

Saturday Thrifting

Rising early (for a Saturday morning, anyway) to go out and spend some time alone, usually having breakfast, talking, and doing some thrifting, has become a tradition for me and my husband, Andy.

  We rise before the kids, get ready as quietly and quickly as possible and sneak out without interrupting any of them from their sleep.  Sometimes.
Other times one of the kids wakes up and they inevitably end up coming with us even though, by the end of the block, they are asking what we are doing, where are we going, do we get to eat, etc.  And if the middle kid comes, he sits in the truck the whole time listening to music or watching movies on his Ipod.

They don't know the thrill of finding a small treasure like the stitched Psalm that I got at a yard sale for $1! I love that one.  Andy bought the thread at a local antique store at a summer sidewalk sale.  Only $10 for all 5 boxes.  Each has 12 spools of beautiful, bright thread!  And one of my favorites...the little set of pins. The tag says "22 pins rustproof brass".  They cost $.08 who knows when.  And they cost me about as much.  The pins were just one of about 20 sewing related items in a large ziploc bag at an estate sale.  The entire bag was only $2.  

Anyway,  I have decided 15 year old boys are not fun to thrift with.  But my hubby and 10 year old boy are!