October 27, 2010

2fer Wednesday

Today I made one project I will use for 2 links!  I missed Fabric Tuesday! yesterday but I hope that I can still post this today.  It is also the final week of the So Sew! challenge and the word is orange.  I actually had a small bit of an orange fabric.  So I made one item that I can link for both!  Yay!
I really enjoyed the challenge of making a project each week.  Hope they do this again!  

We don't really do Halloween in a big way around here.  I just thought it would be nice to have a little something spooky.  Although the kiddos assure me that even though I added shiny green eyes to the little bat, he is still more cute than spooky.  So here is my project.  It's a basket for the Halloween candy we will give to the trick-or-treaters. It's made of canvas lined with craft weight Pellon iron in interfacing.  
 And here is a close up of those not-so-spooky-glowing-green bat eyes.
I guess they are not really so spooky after all.  But I don't really do spooky.  CSI is about as terrifying as I can handle.  So this will do nicely for this holiday.  Especially since it is going to be in plain sight.  
That (above) is the base of this project.  Just a couple of rectangles of canvas with the heavy interfacing ironed on.  Then I sewed the corners up to make a box, made a liner and put a bottom of heavy styrofoam to make it even more rigid.  Super simple, very fun.  I think I could even make different liners for other days or seasons.  Not that we will really need a candy basket this large for any other season is possible.

I also want to say a big Thanks! to Krista for linking to my little circus project on her blog!  Thanks :)

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Miranda said...

Looks great, well done! I love the bat with its cute little eyes. The basket looks like it would hold a lot of candy!