October 10, 2010

Autumn in Colorado

It was a great Saturday for a little trip.  We took our family on a (very) short road trip south on Hwy 285.
We even took the newest member of our family, Rokie.  He is such a good puppy!  He is about 12 weeks now.  At least that is what we know from the man we got him from.  He belonged to a man that works with my hubby.  One day he brought Puppy to him and said...You are good man.  This is good dog.  I can no keep him.  You take.  So Andy brought him home.
We fell in love with him.  A day later the guy from work....he decided he wanted him back.  Can you believe it??  After we had spent the night with him?  And played and fed and tried to calm him?  The nerve!  Needless to say we did keep Rokie.  Turns out his real name was Rocky but the guys accent was so thick that Andy didn't understand too well and he came home and said...His name is Rrrokie.  With the rolled R, which we cannot do. So, Rokie stuck.
I'm glad we took him with us.  He had a blast.  We had a blast.  Perfect day. 
Colorado in the fall is so very nice.  Yesterday was perfect sweater weather.  And perfect picture weather.  The day was blue and bright.  I'm planning to go back to these places later in the season to see the change.  This little river will be solid ice in a couple of months, I think.  I hope I can find this same spot.
Of course, I took some sewing.  I finally started the embroidery for a quilt I have in mind as a Christmas gift and these little pictures are so portable, how could I not?!  

Happy Fall!
Love, Lisa

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