October 8, 2010

Crafting with Polka Dots

I love this blog.
I visited there earlier this week and found this post about So Sew and the challenge for this month.
So I joined the flickr group.  And I have been happily working on a couple of projects using polka dots.

 I didn't realize that I had so many forms of polka dots.  Fabrics and papers and ribbons.  I love dots!  They bring fun and whimsy to any project.  This is a little bag that I made for my niece, PeytanBella, this summer.  It is full of polka dots.
For this So Sew project I made a couple of pillows using a free tutorial from Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie, the blog I love.  I have been wanting to make these pillows with these same fabrics since I found the tutorial months ago, I just never made the time.

  This was the perfect inspiration to get them done.  Thanks for the tutorial!  I love the results!  I am ready to make many more!  And can I just add that working with a pattern/tutorial is sooo very nice!  I don't usually do this.  Sometimes I buy a pattern and make all sorts of little adjustments.  Most times I don't even use a pattern or I have to make my own.  This was way fun!  And it took no time at all. 

 In a matter of a couple of hours (minus fabric washing/drying/pressing time) I had made two cute pillows.  One for me and one for...well, I'm not sure why I made the other except that I wanted to.  And I had these nice Michael Miller lightweight corduroy fabrics on hand, which, by the way, happen to be some of the ones used in the tutorial!  This was completely by accident.

  I had these for a long time and had originally wanted to make cute jumpers for my nieces using these fabrics.  That never happened.  That would have been the case with the pillows except for this little So Sew project.  I just joined and then I just made the project.  Not a whole lot of thinking about it which is my biggest obstacle usually. 

 Glad I joined and super glad I made these!    Love that I had all this fabric on hand.  Really love that.

Enjoy the day! 


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