October 12, 2010

Fabric Tuesday!

I do love this thing on Tuesday.  By thing I mean the internet world.  On Tuesday I get to be pokey.  I invade others blogs shamelessly and drool over all of the beautiful things they make.  And sometimes I dare to post my own.  Today is one such day.  I posted a bag that I made.  It is simple in design but very functional.  Wide and roomy.
It has a zipper closure.  The bag also has interior pockets (though I could not get a good photo of them), one large zipped pocket and two smaller pouch pockets.  Plus a large button closure pocket on the outside front of the bag.  I like the big, shiny, pewter black button.  The inside is quilted fabric.  You know the kind that is two sided and has the diamond shape quilting that is bought right off a bolt?  I have no idea what it is called or if it even has a name.  Anyhow, that quilted fabric gives the bag a lot of body.  It is very sturdy. This color is not really my thing but I had wanted to try out adding zippers to one of the bags that I make, which is basically what I call a book bag with no closure, and I had lots of this fabric on hand.  Then I made this kind.  I like the size and the closures.  Good for overnight stuff.  I have made several more in colors more to my liking.  But I actually think that this one came out pretty good.  Bonus:  I just love making bags!

Have a great day!


Mariliz's Musings said...

It looks great. You can never have too many backs, I use them for everything the library, the farm. the grocery store.

Mariliz's Musings said...

I meant to type bags.

Quiltstory said...

Beautiful bag! So cute. Good work. THanks for linking up to quiltstory!