October 4, 2010

Saturday Thrifting

Rising early (for a Saturday morning, anyway) to go out and spend some time alone, usually having breakfast, talking, and doing some thrifting, has become a tradition for me and my husband, Andy.

  We rise before the kids, get ready as quietly and quickly as possible and sneak out without interrupting any of them from their sleep.  Sometimes.
Other times one of the kids wakes up and they inevitably end up coming with us even though, by the end of the block, they are asking what we are doing, where are we going, do we get to eat, etc.  And if the middle kid comes, he sits in the truck the whole time listening to music or watching movies on his Ipod.

They don't know the thrill of finding a small treasure like the stitched Psalm that I got at a yard sale for $1! I love that one.  Andy bought the thread at a local antique store at a summer sidewalk sale.  Only $10 for all 5 boxes.  Each has 12 spools of beautiful, bright thread!  And one of my favorites...the little set of pins. The tag says "22 pins rustproof brass".  They cost $.08 who knows when.  And they cost me about as much.  The pins were just one of about 20 sewing related items in a large ziploc bag at an estate sale.  The entire bag was only $2.  

Anyway,  I have decided 15 year old boys are not fun to thrift with.  But my hubby and 10 year old boy are!

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