November 17, 2010

December Daily

This is the year.  I decided to participate in the December Daily that Ali Edwards does every year.  I had my mind set on this for some time and it did take some planning.  I wanted to have the base of the book done well in advance.  I purchased items for it in early November and started making it right away.
From this:
To this:
I'm very happy with the book.  It will be fun to do the journaling and add pictures and other stuff.  I'm hoping this will be the inspiration I need to photograph many more moments this holiday.  I've shown the covers and book now but I think I'll wait until I fill the pages to show them individually.  
This was not the cover it started with.  I had tried a cardboard cover with some stamping and embossing but I did not like the finished product.  Since I did not include any of the transparency pages (I did not have any and could not find any at the stores I went to and online sources were mostly out of the ones I liked) I decided to make the covers out of 8x8 acrylic pages.  I just cut them down to 6x8.
It is a very thick album and it will only get thicker when I add photos to it.  That's why I used these 7 Gypsies flexible rings.  I hope they work well once it is finally complete.

There is so much inspiration out in the internet world for this album.  I've looked at the Flickr group a couple of times and there are some beautiful pages!  I love this one (which actually inspired me to do my cover over!), this one and this one.

So very glad I got to do this.  I hope to illicit some help in documenting and photographing for this album.  One more goal with this:  include myself in at least a few of the photos!

Hugs and love, Lisa


Jill said...

I love the Zutter covers - they are pretty easy to cut through with a rotary cover, and are a substantial weight. My local scrapbooking store stocks them too, which is a plus. I can only find the clearly heavy overlays from Hambly that Ali used on-line.

Patty said...

The cover of your December Daily is beautiful!!!!! Love it all actually.

Susan said...

What a beautiful project! I love the snowflake on the cover, I see that it is from making memories but what line is it from. I can't seem to find it in this years christmas line.

Susan said...

Thank you so much!!

Beth said...

beautiful cover!