November 23, 2010

It Is Not Another Bag!

I did it!  I made something other than a bag to post about!  I'm gearing up for cold weather and the Holidays with so much sewing.  I still have many projects in the works but I did finish a couple of them this week.

I made a couple of very simple scarves which I love.  I used a couple of old (vintage!) fabrics that were passed on to me.

The first I made with some of the yardage of red wool that I've used before and paired it with a beautiful soft French General print that has some red in it.  I love the combination.  This one is a bit on the short side for me.  But I think it is usable all the same.
The one above is the one I am keeping.  It is long and snugly warm.  I hope to have occasion to wear it soon (praying it will snow!).  These are super easy and a very beginner project but if needed I saw a tutorial of sorts in the current issue of MS Living.  Easy peasy.  I'm still considering doing some embroidery on the red wool scarf to personalize it for the recipient.  Maybe, maybe not.

 I've also been busy busy with new stockings of the Christmas variety.  Also very simple.  Some stem stitch embroidered initials, a bit of red running stitch and then hopefully, by the weekend they will each have their own faux fur cuff.

That's it for now!  I'm off to search the net for tips on working with faux fur.  My sample came out with a crazy seam.  I have to correct that in order to finish these.  Don't forget to visit Fabric Tuesday!  I love the projects, I'm sure you will, too!

God Bless, have a great week!

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Naturally Carol said...

What a lovely scarf, I wouldn't worry if it is a bit short. It will go beautifully with a coat, where you don't need long ends. I can picture it now!