November 9, 2010

Thankful for Fabric Craftiness

There is so much to be thankful for this holiday season.  I'm trying to remember all of the wonderful things in my life and not take any of them for granted.  I'm thankful for my husband.  Our kids.  My job.

  These are the things that I thank God for everyday.  Sometimes, though, it is easy to forget some of the little things.  I am so thankful for the extras.  And there are many.  I have internet service every month.  I can watch my favorite programs when I want, not on the network schedule. We have a new puppy. 

 These are some of the things that were not possible for me just a few years ago.  These are the things I am thinking about today.  I may not have all of the things that I want but I certainly have more than I need. 

 I have been on a quest to not just keep gathering stuff.  I'm notorious for that.  I have really been trying to use up some of what I already have.  It is gratifying to make something out of all this stuff and not have to buy.

This is one of those projects.  I started with the embroidered "S" (from this lovely book, which was one of those have-to-have items for me).  I made the "S" on a swatch of French Linen.  Lovely color, I think.  And it was my first attempt at following a design.  It was quick and fun and I like it.  

The dupioni silk I purchased in Atlanta many years ago.  The blue rose fabric I got last summer at garage sale.  The book is from my youngest sister.  And the vintage pink silk twist is another garage/estate sale find.  It came together quick.  And I happen to know someone who likes covered books.  With embroidery on them. Who has a first initial "S".  
I'll be linking to Fabric Tuesday with this project.  I've been looking there today and there are some wonderful ideas for gifts.  I just love the quilts!  Cant get enough of those!

More craftiness and holiday stuff soon!  


Bellgirl said...

What beautiful embroidery! I'm trying to use what I've got too, and making most of my Christmas presents from what's in the house. I'm finding great uses for small scraps. Happy Fabric Tuesday!

Quiltstory said...

So beautiful! Thanks for linking up to fabric tuesday! Congrats on the new dog. Cute