December 12, 2010

Day 11 and More Handmade Ornaments

\Getting out with my guys + Mom + sister + Snow White was a nice break from routine.  Josh had a friend over and went to see Harry Potter.  Middle Son drove us around most of the afternoon.  (He is really racking up the driving hours!)  We went to Hammonds for some candy canes.  My sister took Josh with her to a Christmas party at her friends parents home.  That was lovely.  And I went shopping with Snow White, a.k.a. Olive.  She was all dressed up yesterday because she had gone to see Disney On Ice in the morning.  She was getting so much attention while we shopped.  Many stores, some shopping, lots of chatting and hanging out.  Great fun!
So here it is  Day 11.

It was a great day out.  In the morning, though, I was able to make two more ornaments for my tree!
I started with the original cover to my DD album, which I changed.

Here is what I came up with.  I simply added a trim to the bottom and a Santa charm that I've had forever

and I wanted to use on an ornament.

The second ornament was cut from this cover as well.  I cut a donut shape and covered it with the Prima poinsettias that I love so much.  Very simple and very elegant, I think.

That's it for today.  I'm off to make some holiday treats with the kiddos.  

As always, many thanks for visiting and for the kind words that have been left.  It means a lot!  Have a wonderful day!  God bless!

love, Lisa

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Maureen said...

I like that paper cut which looks like a ribbon! Thank you for the inspiration.