December 13, 2010

Day 12

Sunday home with my gang is the best day.  Sunday is usually a family day around here.  We never plan to do too much on this day.  No visitors today which is fine.  Though, Sunday is my favorite day to have people over.  I just love making food and treats for everyone and sometimes sending them home with snacks or lunch for the next day.

 Today my big helper in the kitchen was my ChelseaRae.  She stayed through the whole thing, from start to finish.  We made marshmallows.  We made cookies.  We made dinner.  And we even made dinner for tomorrow.  I love being ahead!  Thanks, SweetRae!!  I love being in the kitchen with you.

Day 11

Today was all about home.  Being here with my family.  Listening to Chelsea play with the puppies.  Lil' Andy laughing at whatever video is on his Ipod, Josh practicing his recorder and Dad sounds upset at the football game.  (Broncos are losing...again).  I hear the washer going in the basement and the Dad and the boys cleaned up the kitchen.  I can tell because I hear the dishwasher running.  They always start it right away, I always wait until right before bed.  I love these sounds.

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