December 22, 2010

Day 19, Day 20 & Day 21

Catching up again.  This guilt.  I read Ali's post from one of the days and felt better because a stranger said this could be done guilt free.  One our own timeline.  Is that too weird?  I had fun doing these pages.  I like the digital parts as well as the traditional scrapbook pages on these which is different for this album.
Day 19

I'm already coming up with ideas for next year (if I do this).  I love this process.  I love the book even more.  I have not looked through it as a whole until this morning.  So much more that could have been told, but how could we include it all?  I don't feel like I need to.
Day 20

 From the beginning of this project I have wanted to include a list of my family's favorites (traditions, food, song) from Christmastime.  I finally just did it and even though the finished page is not the work of art I had planned on doing for this, I'm sure in the future I'll just be glad I did it.  It'll be neat to see the changes.
Day 21

A last letter to Santa.  My kids have always written letters to Santa and obviously the older ones have not done this for some time now but Josh still participated.  Until this year.  I only had to ask him once if he wanted to write a note to Santa and he complied.  I could tell this will be the last one.  He is 11 now.  I would think a kid could write to Santa until they were say 15.  Is that weird, too?  Maybe I just want him to stay a kid a bit longer than he wants to.  What parent doesn't?

Hoping everyone has a great day full of love and Christmas!

love, Lisa


Angie said...

Love your idea of including the traditions. Cute book!

Steve Finnell said...

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MelanieAnn said...

Ooh. A favorites page. Fantastic idea ... I think I'll start mine now.