December 10, 2010

Day 9

Let me just start by saying that on the outset of this project, which was sometime back in November, I had no idea that I would include digital pages in this album.  In fact, I tended to shy away from digital elements and never really thought about them until I started this project.  The only reason I included any digital elements from the start is because I so liked the templates that Ali Edwards designed for this.  So I bought them.  And I love them and the many, many ideas they have inspired. 
Day 9

Originally I had a patterned paper with a tag for the middle page of Day 9.  I really did not have many photos for the ninth so I used some words and a photo from Christmas 2009.  I wanted to have red throughout and I wanted it to be light.  So I made a new middle page.  Below is the before.

I just stitched around one of the plastic sheets on my sewing machine using red thread for both upper and lower then added the number nine and the word nine.  I like it much better and it couldn't have been easier.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to view my album.  I am loving the sharing part of blogging as well as the viewing part of it.  There are so many gorgeous albums being made.  I love looking through many of the links and I also find myself returning to many of the same links to see the pages daily.  I love this sharing.  Thanks for all of the inspiration many of you have provided me for my album.  Enjoy and God Bless you, everyone!

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April C said...

Your album is gorgeous! I too am enjoying the sharing part of this project. Thanks for sharing!