December 28, 2010

A New Mini

I made a new mini album.   I posted it over at my TwoPeas Gallery.  It was so fun and easy.  I just love it!  I have not filled it in yet but I plan on doing that soon.  I made it up using the Starbucks sleeves that I had saved for my December Daily.  Well, I did not use them for that but I did still want to recycle them so I made this little book.
I kept it very simple by using the same formula on each page.  A little punched square (which, by the way, was punched out of a Making Memories package!) stitched to the insert with a heart/initial over it on each page.
I made one page for each kids story and a front page to tell a general story about how my kids like their stories. I put a little red gem in the center of the text on the sleeve.  (Those little gems have been my favorite item throughout December.  I put them on so many DD pages!)

And then on the back of each sleeve I included a photo of each of my kiddos.  The photos are from Christmas 2003.  Even though I used Christmas products and the holiday sleeves and even Christmas photos, I don't consider this a Christmas album at all.  I think maybe just Winter or even Valentines.  It has that feel to me.
My favorite part has to be all the stitching.  I love the red thread along the bottom of the sleeves and around the inserts.  I really love the x's along the spine.  That was very easy as well especially since the sleeves came with the perforations in them already!

So that is it.  All I have left to do is add the stories.  I don't have any plans to add any other embellishments.  I don't feel like it needs more.  I just want them to have a little place to visit one of the many, many stories they so love to hear.  And it was fun to make and use up some more of the pile of Christmas product I have on my desk!  Maybe you will like to try one, too?


Brooke said...

Hello lisa Ann,
my english is very bad/terrible. Do you understand me ? I little bit ?

Your Blog ist wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!

LG Brooke

Connie Myers said...

Lisa Ann,
Would love to know how you did the X-stitch spine. How did you get from one "signature" to the next? Thank you!