September 29, 2010

A Quilt Story and Quilt Story

I made my first quilt many years ago from a book of baby quilts that I purchased at a favorite local quilt shop.  I made it for my baby sister.  I think she had it for many years but does not have it any longer.  I want to make her a new one.  I want to do that soon.  I knew I loved sewing/quilting then even though the quilt itself was only pieced and then "quilted" with little rosettes in some of the squares.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to do it again.  I did not give it a go until last year when I started a collection of old sweat type pants that someone in my family didn't use or in some cases couldn't use any longer.  They were all so worn and soft.  The kind of wear that happens over time with many, many washings.  They felt nice.  So I cut them up.

And then for some reason or another all of these wonderful squares of soft, comfy fabric sat unattended for a period of about 7 months.  And in the same way they were put to the side and forgotten, they were just as quickly and suddenly my hearts desire again.  Something sparked interest and a need to complete something.
In a matter of a couple of days I had put them together in strips.  It was only after I had determined to finish this project that this (and all that occured because of it) happened and the new strips sat, once again, unattended.    I thought often during this recovery about finishing this project.  I knew it was not going to be an heirloom or keepsake.  More along the lines of a throw to use in the grass and on the floor and in the truck but I still wanted to complete something.
It wasn't until June that I started it up again.  This time with inspiration and vigor.  Not to mention a new machine with many stitch functions!  In no time (read:  approximately 4 days) I had the strips sewn together to form a top.  I had layered it with a piece of organic dyed broadcloth in a striking blue and a nice thin natural batting.  It was pinned.  And now it was time to quilt.  I chose to do straight lines following the seams on either side.  This took the longest of all the separate parts.  It is no small task to get that huge roll through the arm of a small machine.  But it worked.  And surprisingly, it turned out to be a quilt!
Not perfect by any means but still something I was glad to say I had finished.  Something useful.  And warm.  And cozy.  I like it.  I loved the process.

It was about then that I discovered quilt blogs.  During this recovery I had plenty of time to seek out inspiration.  I found (through many links) Quilt Story during this time.  I have since found much inspiration here.  I am sure that there will be more quilt projects to come from all of this inspiration!  I'm already excited to start the next one.  Will it be the idea for my son or the one for my sister?  Or even the one for a special teacher with a new daughter?  Hmm..these are tough decisions.

Love to you, Lisa. 

September 27, 2010

Scrapbooking is instantly....

gratifying.  I suppose it can take a long time to make a layout.  In fact, sometimes it does take me a long time to make just one layout.  But not today.  I made three.  3!
I wanted to do something with these old autumn themed papers that I have had for some years.  I went back into last years pictures and found these of Olive.  She was choosing a pumpkin in our back yard.  It was a fun time.
These are pictures from this year.  Memorial Day weekend.  We had a family gathering/barbecue in the backyard.  It is not often these two get together for a long period of time.  I had recently bought these new stickers by My Minds Eye and wanted to use them.  That is kinda different for me as I usually just hoard the cutest items and end up not using them for a long time...sometimes years! 
These were fun.  I wanted to use a lot of embellishments... stickers, gems, punches, flowers, etc.  And I did.  I'm always inspired by Irene Tan of Scrapperlicious.  She makes the most beautiful layouts and adds so much stuff while still focusing attention on the photos.  I aspire to make beautiful pages like hers!
I have more pictures lined up to print.  I'm hoping to get some more pages done this week.  If this weather (nice and warm, often hot) keeps up I may be scrapping quite a bit.  

Though I am wanting to start something new in my embroidery hoop.  Plus there are Christmas gifts to start...
Loving all the prospects of creativity!

God Bless,


September 23, 2010

KCWC Day Four

I finished!  I'm so thrilled to have completed this.   I'm not sure why but this has been a very gratifying project.  I liked the whole process.  I was kinda stuck here: (photo below).
I wasn't quite sure how it was going to come together.  I always have trouble at first to figure out how the liner is going to fit in the ...whatever it is I'm sewing at the moment with a liner.  This was no different.  I did spend quite a bit over an hour on this today but most of it was thinking about how to marry the two pieces so I do not feel like that counts toward my one hour.  Anyway I have a finished jacket.  I'm not crazy about the button, but that can be changed (and probably will be).  
And I hope to be able to try it on one very sweet little girl this weekend!  Tomorrow I will measure and see how close to a size 5 it actually finished at.  And I was going to make a little scarf, however, this wool is not the nicest I have felt and I don't think it will be very comfy on the skin which is why I lined every inch of it with the nice soft French General fabric.  

I really cant wait to try another piece of kids clothing.  I am very glad I took the opportunity to do this challenge.  Even if I didn't make a lot of pieces.  At least I finished the one I set out to finish!  That's good enough for me!

September 22, 2010

KCWC Day Three

Day three and the pieces are coming together nicely.  I'm enjoying the process of making the patterns/templates for the individual pieces.  And as always, I love seeing it evolve into the piece it will eventually be.

Here is the outer shell in red wool.  I was given this yardage in a box of old sewing stuff.  It was probably 5 yards, maybe more.  I should have measured!  Anyway, I'm getting good use of it. 

 After washing it, pressing it and cutting it into a manageable size, it was very nice to work with.  It goes through the machine very well.  I like red wool.  Below is the inside.  This is a yard of French General that
I got at my favorite local fabric/yarn store.  It was on sale.  I love it. I think it would be very nice to wear.  I discovered that I like to put sleeves on a garment.  It is like pinning the bottoms of the Olivia bag that I love to make.

And this is bringing me closer to a finished project and hopefully a new pattern that I made all by myself.  Hope it turns out as well as I hope although is is quite different from my original idea.  That's how it goes.

Love and God bless always.

September 21, 2010

KCWC Day Two and A Finished Project

Day Two:  I finished pressing the fabrics and cut out my pattern.  This did actually take about 30 min over one hour but I'm o.k. with that.  I was trying to keep to the one hour a day but...
I'm glad I got this done.  I'm right on track to finish this little piece and hopefully a little extra, by Friday!

In other news, (hehe)  I finished my Autumn House embroidery/quilted project!  I enjoyed the whole process and overall I like the finished item but there are bits I'm not 100% satisfied with.  For instance the funky little birdie.  Oh, well.
The colors and the quilted part I really do like.  I need a lot of practice to get better at quilting, even quilting on my machine.  So, of course, I've got another project in mind.  Something similar but for Winter.  Excited to start putting that on paper.  But before I do, I'm going to enjoy having nothing in a hoop and a completed project to look at.
It works for now.  I'm finding out that the only way to know all of the issues with fabrics and colors and ideas is to make them and learn from the experience.  I know the next one will be even better!  I've learned so much already and looking forward to learning more.

September 20, 2010

KCWC Day One

So, I almost let myself get discouraged today after seeing all of the beautiful finished projects that have been posted for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  Maybe I am going about this the wrong way.  I might be but I am determined to continue.  So here is what I did today...

1.  I chose the fabrics I will be using and I sketched the design I want to make.  I dont have a pattern so I am making my own.  I have the general design down and I just finished looking up the dimensions for a toddler size 5.  (I dont know why I'm making it this size, as my little ones are not that little anymore!)

2.  Washed the fabrics and made template outlines.

That's it.  Really.

Wow...I feel more behind than when I started this!
But I'm determined to finish this one project this week.  One hour a day.  I hope those are the rules.  Are there rules?  Hmmm....

Going to find out!

September 17, 2010


One of the things I love most about reading my Bible is that no matter how many times I read the same words I always come away with something different.  I know that the inherent meaning does not change as God's word is everlasting, but how I interpret and understand these very same words changes.  I have read Paul's letter to the church in Galatia many times over many years.  I'm reading it again now.  What I love about Paul is his passion and obvious love for fellow believers.  You can sense it in all of his letters.  It is inspiring! 

 These are the verses that got my attention this time (from chapter 6):

9Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 10Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

I'm looking for ways to do good.  I don't know what yet.  But I'm sure something will present itself.  I do believe 
the Lord gives us many opportunities to do good.  Sometimes I just do not do what I should.  Bad me.  I'm working on that.

Love and encouragement,  

September 13, 2010

Paper (kinda) Project

I have been wanting to do a project for my Princess with her best friend.  I finally got a few shots of them together when I took K's senior pictures.  It was a fun shoot.  Then I came home and started this project.
More and more when I am doing a paper project I look for things from my fabric stash.  Trims, ribbons, scraps of fabric, lace or whatever else fits the mood of the project.  I like the way this turned out.  And I got to use up some items I've had for a long time.  The grungeboard letters I have had for a very long time.  But I did use a new (to me) product to color them.  I embossed them with Hampton Art a la mode embossing power in detail silver.  I like the effect it had on the grungeboard but it did flake a little by the time I was done with the project.  Still, I cant wait to do another one.  Maybe something with more pink.  And more flowers.  And some buttons, too.  

September 12, 2010

Peytan Bag

Bags, bags, bags.  I have so many.  I've made so, so many!  While all of them are super simple, they are all still very fun to make.  This one I call "Peytan".  So called for my sweet little niece PeytanBella.

She is 2.  She is funny and sweet and she calls my son and husband "Y".  That is how she says "Andy".  She walked around the house calling "Yyy!" whenever she was looking for one of them.  So adorable.

This is one that I made with a front flap.  Kind of a messenger style.  It has a little pocket under the flap and a little bit larger pocket inside.
This is the same bag except I did not make the flap and instead closed the top with a zipper.  It also has one inner pocket which I call the "chapstick" pocket.   I think I would like to try one that has a zipper on top as well as a front flap to conceal a small pocket on the outside.  I would use that for a phone, maybe.

And I just had to post a picture of the little "Olivia" bag that I made for Peytan.  This is one of the cutest, I think.  
This red polka dot is a favorite fabric.  And I loved doing the stitching.  I just used a newly discovered stem stitch to write the word stuff in red DMC.  This also has one large inside pocket.  Very sweet for a little girl to carry her things in.

Still working on the Autumn House embroidery project.  Truth be told, I actually started it over.  I was not totally pleased with the stitching or the shape of the tree.  After reading this new book (which I have read several times, cover to cover, not to mention just looking at the pictures!) I was inspired to start over and try a transfer technique that is discussed in the book.  I drew the picture to scale and then used my light box to trace it onto the linen.  It worked wonderfully!  I'm loving the result and it is so much easier than coming up with the design as I sew.  I guess I've been doing it the hard way all along!  Well, no more of that!

The other project that took some time was a costume for my Princess.  She wanted a kimono costume to wear to a convention.  So I made one.  And then she wanted a matching bag.  So, of course, I made one of those, too.  She wanted an "Olivia" bag.  And instead of "stuff" she wanted "love".  In Japanese.  Kanji, no less.  So I made that, too.
I hope to complete my Autumn project this week.  As well as put out the fall decorations that I have.  No photos of this til I get a new camera as my Nikon lens is broken.  I hope to get a new one soon.  Camera, not lens as I have never been very pleased with the Nikon.  I liked both my old Olympus and Canon better.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens.  

Love and God Bless,