December 11, 2011


There has been lots of sewing going on around here lately.  Not a whole lot to share though.  Most of what I'm working on are gifts for Christmas.  I did finish up a small quilted wall hanging that I'd like to share now.  And later this week I am going to have a quilt done that I can show.  (This one is waaayyy over due! apologies to the ladies of the Peace circle!)

For now, here is the little Christmas mini that I finished up a week or so ago.

This little quilt has so many different techniques incorporated into it that at first I was not sure it was going to come together!  

There is a bit of raw edge applique for the little birdie.

The dresden is hand appliqued.  Very easy since the points are already turned under for you!

There is a bit of hand quilting around the dresden.  And the snowflakes here and there.

There is some free motion quilting, well, not really quilting, but stitching for the "Merry Christmas".

I even got in a bit of patchwork!  That is my favorite part, by the way.  Or maybe it is the tiny polka dot binding.  I'm not sure.  

I hope this holiday season is all that you want it to be!  I'm trying to stay calm in the hustle and bustle and remember that Jesus is the reason!  How are you doing?  Are your projects getting done?  Hope so!

I've got to get back to my machine and get more of these presents done!  Have a great week and God bless you and your family!

love, Lisa

November 26, 2011

Autumn Runner

I have a finished project to show you but first....How was your Thanksgiving?  (If you celebrate, that is!)  Our day was perfect.  Family was together.  There was food, laughter, chatting, games, walks.  Very pleasant.

I was actually able to use the Autumn table runner that I had been working on, too.  That was nice for me to have this project finished before the end of the season came around.  

This started out as something quite different.  When I started this project I had in mind that I was a better artist so I thought each little motif would be more detailed or something.  In the photo above you can still see the pen marks that had not disappeared.  I had to draw that one several times!

However, I liked the finish enough to set it out in the family room on Thanksgiving Day.  I could not resist the little brown dot print.  I had purchased a few different fabrics and was going to make a scrappy border but I ended up just using this sweet little print by Robert Kaufman.  I love the yellow with the brown dots...that is very fall to me.  

The embroidery was done on "Quilters Linen" also by Robert Kaufman.  It was very nice to sew on.  And I chose to not use any batting in this project.  It is backed with the same quilters linen and I just sewed wrong sides together, turned it out and did very minimal straight line quilting on the front.  So easy!

Please ignore the wrinkles.  :)
I'm linking this up to Rachel's blog and her Celebrate Color festivities in the needlepoint category, of course!  And just in the nick of is the last day.  Head over and see the other beautiful embroidery and other projects!  

*Edited to add link up to {Sew} Modern Monday over at Canoe Ridge Creations!

Have a wonderful weekend!  God Bless!

love, Lisa

November 19, 2011

Big Finish + FNSI + A Week of Thanksgiving

The Precious Moments quilt that I started for my Sweet Girl approximately 17 years ago is finally complete.  {Deep sigh}

This has been one of those projects that has been with me in parts for so many years I don't think I quite remember the exact details of its beginning.  I do know that I started it when my dear daughter was just born or soon thereafter.

I recall an aching fear at one point about 10 years ago when I thought it had been lost in a move across the country.  (I found the pieces in a box with old magazines stuffed in my husbands garage when we were preparing for yet another move). 

I totally remember thinking that this was going to be so easy to have done by her first birthday!  Ha!  At the time I did not even know how to cross stitch!  I just picked up a piece of cloth and went at it.  It was a huge Aida cloth, very stiff, huge holes.  At one point I got bored with making x's and just moved right on to the outline.  With three strands of floss, I might add.  After struggling with this process for some time and not knowing why my little x's did not look like the picture and wondering why the back was so knotty, I decided to read the instructions.  Clever me.  The rest is history.

This project really started my love of handiwork.  I love the little stitches.  I love seeing an object appear after many, many little stitches have been laid.  I remember the excitement of starting each of the little letters...getting one closer to the finish.  And now so many, many years later, finally, it is.

Next up...Another quilt!  I used my time sewing on Friday (for the Friday Night Sew In) to make a quilt top out of the Dilly Dally blocks.  I can't show the whole thing because it is personalized and it is a Christmas gift!  I cant wait to show it after it has been gifted but for now here is a picture of the top before the name was added. Now to pin baste it...

I'm linking my finished quilt to {Sew} Modern Monday and Fabric Tuesday!

Finally, I want to give thanks.  This coming holiday is about being thankful and I have so much to be grateful for.  Mostly I have to give thanks to my Jesus for so many things...everything, really.  I do not do this as often as I should and the reminder of Thanksgiving makes it more evident that my life is truly blessed!

 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.  ~Psalms 106:1

God Bless!

love, Lisa

November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday wip list is almost exactly the same as it was last Wednesday.  I did manage to make something {small} from start to finish between the two Wednesdays, though!  Just a mini, but still.

Plus I managed to almost finish the PM Quilt!!  I'm still in the process of sewing the binding on but I think I shall be able to finish that tonight!  I hope to be able to check this one off the WIP list before the weekend.

I guess to keep it real, I need to keep it on the WIP list for today because it is not complete as of this post.

Quilts in Progress
*PM Quilt - Binding in process
*Clover and Violet QAL quilt - No progress but that is only because I did major focusing on the above mentioned quilt!
*do.Good.Stitches Quilt - I'm adding a border.  I've decided.  And I know what the border is going to look like.  That counts as progress, right?

Embroidery Projects
*Fall Table Runner - Almost done with the stitching.  I made some mums.

Quilt Alongs
*FWQAL - No progress.  I'm still behind.

*I still have those Dilly Dally blocks to play with but I have not come up with a plan...yet.
*I did finish up the Nov. blocks for do.Good.Stitches.  This was a block for Katie for our Peace circle.  It was easy and it finished so nicely.  I'm playing with an idea to use that same block for a border on a project. That is another one for 2012, maybe!

So, last week had 7 WIP's and this week is down to 6!!  Yay!  And very soon to be 5!  How low do I let this get before I can start a new project to add to the WIP list?
Be sure to head over to Lee's blog to see all the other WIP's!

Hope the rest of the week is good and blessed!

love, Lisa

November 13, 2011

Another Mini Post

Good evening!  I've made another mini and I finished just in time!

You see, Amylouwho's Mini Quilt Challenge is ending soon and I wanted to make a mini specifically for this fun mini-linky-virtual-party.  I set out on Friday evening to start a quick mini quilt.  I first grabbed a new Fons and Porter pyramid ruler that I had not yet used and then I just went at my stash.

I have a lovely stack of some DS Quilts fabrics with a tiny stack of some vintage looking fabrics that sits in front of me so I pulled from those.  I think I gathered and cut about a dozen different prints.  The quilt could have probably used even more!  This is what I came up with:

The pattern came with the ruler and is called 1000 Pyramids.  I had some trouble with the fabric stretching because of how it is cut.  But it all worked out to my liking in the end.  I added the red border so the finished quilt would read as more red than blue however, I think it could have gone either way. 

This little (24"x22") mini is now living above my desk with my other mini...the star  I made a couple of months ago.  And that is it!  Edited to add* I'll also be linking to Sew Modern Monday over at Canoe Ridge Creations...I only hope this counts as modern!  Head over and be inspired!  Edited to add*  Link to QuiltStory's Fabric Tuesday!  Have not been there in awhile...there are lots of beautiful projects to see!

I hope everyone had a good, blessed, productive weekend and I wish you each a good, blessed, productive week ahead! 

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ. ~ Ephesians 1:3  NIV

love, Lisa

November 11, 2011

A Mini Star Quilt

I've always loved the quick gratification of finishing a small project.  Especially a quilted one.  This little star was no different.  I made this about a month ago and I have posted about it before.

But this post is for this mini only.  I so was hoping to make a new mini for Amylouwho's Sew and Tell Mini Quilt party but it is almost the end of this Friday and I did not do it.

I'm going to post this and then get busy!  With any luck I'll have another mini in ...a few hours, maybe?  Think I can do it?!  I'm going to give it a go!  So, here is the star mini that I made.  I love the colors and the design/pattern.  It is a pattern from Anyone Can Quilt.

Hand quilting detail.
It was so easy to follow and I have in mind to make a big quilt using this star (and maybe a few others) in the new year.  I think it would be nice in mini as well.  This mini measures 16.5"x16.5" and is a nice addition to the blank wall above my desk.  Someday there will be more than one...maybe even later today!  Head over to Amylouwho's to see many beautiful {mini} quilts.  They are very inspiring!

Have a good night!

love, Lisa

November 9, 2011

WiP Wednesday!

This is a special WiP Wednesday edition for Lee over at Freshly Pieced.  This is the one year anniversary of WiP Wednesdays for her....congratulations, Lee!  I love this linky party, I have to say.  More and more this is the one that I'm most set on participating in each week.

Here is my list for this week.

Quilts in Progress
1.   PM Quilt~ This one is making progress, finally!  I've started the quilting...well, almost finished the quilting!
2.  Sept Stars for do.Good Stitches~  I'm finishing up the embroidered star and playing with the idea of adding
     a border.  Hope to have the top done this weekend.
3.  Embroidered Quilt Top~  This is the one for the Clover and Violet Quilt-a-long.  The top has been done but  not yet sandwiched.  Must.complete.this.soon.

4.  FWQAL~ Still getting behind on this one.  I will catch up!  Just not quite yet....

Embroidery Projects
5.  Fall Table Runner~ Still going.  I'm working on this one daily...making progress!

Other projects
6.  Dilly Dally Blocks~  I have not played with these in a few weeks so I'm not sure what to call them.  They
     truly are just a stack of blocks right now that I'm hoping to piece into 2 quilt tops.  Maybe a sketch is in
7.  Nov blocks for do.Good Stitches~ I have the fabrics chosen and I'll have these done tonight!

And that, my friends, is the list.  At least for now.  I hope to have much progress over the next few days and have a couple of new projects to show next week.  I'm thinking of holiday projects like crazy and browsing Pinterest.  This does not help!  It is so inspiring and overwhelming at the same time, can you understand that?!  Strange but true.  I'm limiting my Pinterest time these days.  That's sad.  How are you doing on all of your WiP's?

Blessings to each of you!  God Bless!

love, Lisa

November 2, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Wonder of's Wednesday again! I have been working on getting a few things done that should have been done long ago but at least now I am able to cross them off the list. I finished and mailed off Octobers Word block to Paula. This was such a fun block to make!

Please excuse the dark, dingy photo. I took it in my little, poorly lit room on a snow day last week.

 *I now have 2 quilt tops that need to be sandwiched and quilted and bound: Stars quilt for do.Good.Stitches and the embroidery quilt-a-long quilt. I still have not quilted the PM quilt. Not sure why.

*Also still in progress are the dilly dally blocks. I still do not have a layout for them but I'm working on it!

*No progress in catching up on the Farmers Wife either.  Though I have been very inspired to start these again as I have been seeing a few quilts pop up around blogland.

* Most urgent project is to mail off a pouch to a partner for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap. That will be in the mail today!

* And last but not least, I'm still working on a fall theme table runner with lots of embroidery. I got stuck for a bit on the design as I am not a designer or an artist so I was not pleased with my simple drawings but I'm okay with them now and I'm moving on.

 That is it for me. What do you all have going on today? I'm off to brave the snow and cold to mail this package, buy some fabric for November blocks and think more about the projects I'll be working on tonight in this blustery fall weather we're having here in Colorado.

God Bless and have a great day! love, Lisa

October 24, 2011

A Lovely Finish

I crossed one project off the WiP list. This quilt has actually been finished for a couple of weeks and in fact, has already been given to it's owner, my Granny. She turned 84 this year and I wanted to give her this quilt.
I can't believe that I did not get a photo of the back when it was done. I did get a pic of the dresden that was on the back, though. I included a bit of embroidery for the centers. I've been calling it the Lovely quilt forever because I used the Lovely fabric by Sandy Gervais for Moda.
I'll be linking to Canoe Ridge Creations Sew Modern Monday!
I haven't been to this linky party in a while and I'm excited to have a project done for it! Click the link to go over and see what everyone else has completed! God Bless! love, Lisa

October 23, 2011

FNSI Success!

Finally, a FNSI where I actually did the sewing that I planned. I was so excited to be sewing as I have not gotten any kind of creative project done in several weeks due to being sick. It was yucky. Sickness is the enemy of creativity. I'm so glad to have some progress showing up here this weekend! It serves as great inspiration for doing the next piece of a project. Here's what I was able to do...I got the sashing done on the Clover and Violet QAL blocks and got them all pieced! I'm so glad to see this one come together. I'll be linking this to the Flickr group for the QAL. There are some other great versions linked up here.
For now I'm calling this a completed top even though I am playing with the idea of adding an outside border. Still working that out. I'm so glad I did this quilt-a-long. It was nice to go at this pace and to have stayed caught up (for the most part). Plus, I love embroidery. :)
The other big project I have going on is the September quilt for do.Good.Stitches. I absolutely love this quilt! A huge "thank you" and hugs to the ladies in the Peace circle for their great work. They did exactly what I requested and that made this one of my favorite quilts to date.
I still have to get the batting and the backing and I have a bit of embroidery to finish up, too, but even as just a top, I love it! I'm linking up to the FNSI group over on Flickr! There is alot of sewing going on... Have a blessed week! love, Lisa

October 19, 2011

WiP Wednesday

I'm back again (2 posts in the same day!). This time to link to Lee's WiP Wednesday. Fun, fun!
Here is the list: Only Two QAL's still going: Clover and Violet's and I'm ready to put the blocks together! Here is the last block (with all it's wrinkles!):
FWQAL: I'm so far behind! Hope to catch up...someday! :)
Quilts in progress: *Lovely quilt has been finished and already given as the gift it was intended. Hope to post pics soon! *PM quilt - No progress here. *do.Good.Stitches Sept quilt - I'm working on the additional blocks that I need and some sashing ideas. Maybe I'll have a top by the weekend? *Dilly Dally progress. I'm still thinking about layouts for these, hoping I have enough blocks for 2 small quilts. *Oct blocks for do.Good.Stitches - I have the fabrics and words, now I just need time to sew them!
Embroidery projects: *Sampler is coming along. *Fall embroidery project is started. Here is a peek:
Sorry about the fuzzy photo! Finally, I'm finishing up a small project to go along with the pouch I made for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap. The pouch has been done for some time.
Wow...I've got many, maybe too many things going. I will be getting some sewing time in over the weekend though. Plus, the Friday Night Sew In is this Friday! I'm going to get a project in mind to finish Friday evening.
I'm nursing a cold today so, I'm off to take a nap. Then I hope to have motivation + energy to sew later today. Praying for healing today. For myself and family. That may be the biggest and definitely the most important WiP I've got going on. God bless you. love, Lisa