January 18, 2011

I Finally Made My Own

Mugrug, that is.  I've been seeing these things all over the web on so many sewing sights.  I've been working on a  Valentine's mini quilt that I started last year to finish it up and I had many little strips already cut.

I wanted to use them up and now I have a few little mugrugs, maybe I'll pair them with a cute mug, some homemade cookies and give them to someone.  Not sure who.....Mom.
   I really enjoyed this mini quilting time.  I got some practice with using the walking foot, I used a terrifically easy binding method and I got a chance to appliqué.  All in this little project.  Plus I fiddled around with the size.  I like the way the smallest one turned out best but I think I like the middle one for size.  I'm making another using hexagons that I am going to incorporate my One Little Word into as well.
I'm linking this project up to Fabric Tuesday!
Have a great day!


Quiltstory said...

These are super darling! I love the patchwork and added applique. The machine stitching is great too! Thanks so much for linking up to Quiltstory. Good to see new people!

grammajill said...

love the valentine mug rugs! What a great idea. Pretty!

Megan said...

Really cute!! Love love love, so creative.

GemiGina said...

As the proud owner of the "middle size" one, I must say that it is inspiring to me to see these lovely little pieces. I like making bed quilts / big stuff and it takes me so long because I haven't found a good time management system yet! These little cuties are a great smaller project that one can get quicker gratification from without having to handle the bulk of a bigger piece, or the time it can take to plan for it. Plus, the tiny little pieces of fabric can be scrap!!!