January 17, 2011

Morning Rituals

I love the early morning.  This is my time.  I like the quiet of the house.  It is not silent but calm.  Some sounds, but they are the early morning kind.  The water streaming from the coffee maker.  Any other time of day it seems much louder but in the morning it is just right.  I love that sound.  I hear paws gently padding and kinda clicking through the kitchen.  I love that sound.  I can hear the pages of my Bible as I turn them.  I really love that crinkly sound.

This is my time.  Tea time.  Bible time.  This time gives me pause to appreciate all the possibility of the day.  I can be thankful for so much.  I can enjoy the thought of going to work (in the next room).  I read the Word and it stirs in my spirit.  Sometimes convicting, sometimes comforting, sometimes opening my eyes but always, always stirring my spirit.  I love this quiet time.
I hope that everyone has a time like this.  Whether daily or nightly or weekly.  It is so necessary and good!

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!  God Bless You!


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EQ said...

Awww Yes, Me time, I love it and enjoy it like you! So comforting , relaxing, and stirring of the spirit for sure! (with reading the bible that is) My week is so-so, hope yours continues to be this realxing! Oh and P.S. the bag you made especially for me;) fits my bible and it's belongings perfecto!