January 9, 2011

One Little Word

...can make a big difference.

I have been choosing One Little Word (thanks again to Ali Edwards for hosting/initiating this ritual!!) for a few years now.  The process of choosing a word to really define what I want an entire year to be begins early for me.  I really start thinking about it around November.  The notion just lingers in my mind.  I don't concentrate or read the dictionary or anything, I just put the idea in there.  In the past that is all I have had to do:  plant the idea of "One Little Word" and then as I go about my daily life, reading, laundry, work and everything in between, a little word will stick.  It resounds.  It makes itself present.  Once this persistent little word has presented itself a few times I know that I have my word for the year.  Done.

This year there was no appearance by just one little word.  December 31st was fast approaching and I had not put any effort into my word.  I began to fret.  Before fret turned into disappointment and disappointment turned into quitting, I began to think purposefully.  I did not make any goals/resolutions for this year.  I did not have a plan for this year.  I don't even have a list of things or projects I want to accomplish this year.  All of these things I usually have in hand and know by heart on January 1, you see.  In thinking about 2011,  with no clear or defined image of what I want for this year, I focused on what I want and need most in my life.  I did this very selfishly.  I thought about me.  I considered my needs.  The recurring theme in all of my wants and needs came down to my faith.  I love this word.  I love what it means.  I love that just 5 little letters is representative of such a huge part of my existence.  We all have faith of some sort, right?  I think so. So this very little word is so very gigantic and I love knowing that throughout 2011 it will make an appearance in my days.  Sometimes in very small ways and sometimes in very big ways.  I love the prospects of approaching 2011 with this one little word.  I can see so many opportunities with this word.  In short, I'm excited!

love, Lisa

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