February 9, 2011

Block Party

So one of my favorite blogs is having a Block Party!

All there is to it is to make a quilt block that is either traditional, modern or creative.  Then write about it and link it up on Feb 7th, 8th or 9th.

I made this one.  I'm calling it my Traditional Very First Quilt Block Ever.  Not  what I was hoping to make but as always time just kept going even though I had asked numerous times for it to stop.  Anyway, this is not something I found, I just kinda played with four of the 5x5 charm squares and this is what I ended up with.  Sorry if it is similar to another block that I do not know about!

I'm going now to work on the quilt top with these same fabrics.  I have a charm pack of 3Sisters Aviary and some new (to me) Fig Tree & Co. fabric to play with!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the other submissions!  I am really loving the block/pattern that many made called Dresden or Dresden Plate.  Maybe I'll be ambitious on my day off and try that one...

love, Lisa 

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Quiltstory said...

Love this block, beautiful! Thanks for linking to our block party