February 14, 2011

Canvas Hearts and A Pillow

...and Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day.  Besides all the love going around  I think it has something to do with the colors.  Silly, I know, but true. 

I like to dress up my little tree with all of the ornaments I have made through the years.  (I dress this tree up throughout the year.)  

These are the ones that I made for 2011.  Simple words of love, stitched in red on canvas.  

For now I'm liking the messiness of the threads but I'm thinking I'll tire of that and clip them.  The threads stay for now.  These are words of Paul (I Cor. 13), Virgil, and e.e. cummings.  My most favorite poet is Elizabeth Barrett Browning but I could not adequately shorten her sonnets to fit.  

This weekend was all about sewing!  It was great.  I finished my Valentine pillow. 

I had been working on the embroidered piece for a couple of weeks.  I drew my own pattern and chose colors and stitched.  

This is the finished pillow.  I'm quite happy with it but like always, when I finally did finish I had in mind a number of things I would do differently.  Love it anyway.    *Edited to add link to Fabric Tuesday!

This is the back.  I was inspired by all of the beautiful quilts that I've seen lately with pieced backs.  Love that.

I think that little caterpillar on the bottom is my favorite bit.  Him and the couched trellis on the large heart flower.  I just learned this from my favorite embroidery book.  I will definitely do that one again!

I'm excited to make some of those changes on my next project.  One of which will be to be less messy and more organized while I'm stitching!  (Above photo is evidence that thus far I have never been very neat when stitching.)  I'm off to make some doodles for more embroidery.  Enjoy this day!

love, Lisa


Shelley said...

Wow! All that stitching is just beautiful!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness I really love your hearts and the pillow is ADORABLE! Very talented and creative! Stopping by from Fabric Tuesday!!

Kristen said...

So super cute!!! That embroidery is sweet as is that pieced back!

Karenkay said...

It's so adorable!

Emily {Creative Chicks} said...

I don't usually get too excited about pillows, but I love this one. The embroidery is fantastic!

Quiltstory said...

Ridiculously cute! I love all the words! And the pillow embroidery, wowzers! SO CUTE! Thanks for linking up to Fabric Tuesday!