March 30, 2011

WIPs and Inspiration

What a week.  A whole lot of planning and not a whole lot of doing.

I did manage to finish the table topper that started as a simple dresden.  I loved making the dresden!  I'll definitely do more!  I'm linking this project to All Things Heart and Home!  Love that site!

The Bliss quilt is still waiting to be quilted.  I know that I'm going to do straight lines but how to do them is proving to be quite the challenge.  Humph.

This little, unassuming stack of fabrics that was going to become a simple pillow for my sister has morphed into a full on test of my will.  I had to go and start another quilt top.  What's wrong with me?!?  All she asked for was a pillow...

These little guys are all stitched and ironed, just waiting to be pieced together.  I'm still in the process of choosing (and purchasing) the fabrics.  I'm enjoying this whole process, though. It won't be done by the months end but I'm ok with that.  I will be starting a new project for the CBC later this week.

Linking all these WIPs to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!  Plus!  I'm going to be doing some blocks for do.Good Stitches.  I'm in the Peace circle.  I cant wait to get those started!  

Much more going on but this would be the endless post if I put them all up here!  I'll leave it at that.  :)

God Bless and I hope everyone is having a productive week!

love, Lisa

March 29, 2011

Faith is Finished

This was my first Dresden.  I'm totally loving these!  I have liked so many of them on quilts and pillows and I was so excited to make one!  I can t believe how easy it was, too.

 I adore the fabrics.  I used a Candy Bar pack of  Oasis by 3Sisters for the dresden plate and for the letters as well.  The background is Kona but I don't know which color and the binding is Mill House by Fig Tree Quilts.

I did more free-motion quilting here.  I'm going to get a break from free-motion as I quilt the little Bliss quilt later this week!  Originally I made this to be a table topper for my little dresser that holds my ribbon, tags and random stuff.  However, now I think I'll leave it hanging here for awhile.  I like it that much.

The colors are so making me want Spring to be here!  They make me think of Easter.  Of course it is helping to keep my one little word near and visible.  I love that.

Finished just in time for Fabric Tuesday!  Click the link to see all of the inspiring projects!

love, Lisa

March 23, 2011

Works in Progress

I have so many projects started!  More than I like to have around at any given time.  I'd better get busy!

1.  The Bliss Charm Pack quilt top is now partnered with its pieced back, sandwiched and basted.

2.  I'm still working on the embroidery for the little Country Time Quilt from the book Embroidery Companion.  This project is for the Craft Book Challenge.

3.  I have started a mini-quilt that I intend to use as a topper for a very small dresser that is being refinished.  I also incorporated my One Little Word into this project and I think I will love the result.  Also, I am going to give free-motion quilting another go on this piece.

4.  For the above mention project there were lots of scraps after cutting the pieces for the bloom (dresden).  I could not bring myself to throw them out so I challenged myself to use them up.

5.  I have also endeavored back into the world of clothes making.  This is a simple pattern I had made before last summer for my sister.  She requested another some time ago and I am now getting around to this.

6.  Same sister also wanted a pillow made of certain fabrics, pictured above.  I'm happy to oblige.

Some of these projects require only a couple of hours to be completed.  Others much longer.  Instead of working on any of them, I have been daydreaming of all the beautiful things I want to do to our currently very ugly backyard.  And this gets my mind going to all of the wonderful things I can sew up for our table once we take it out.  And maybe some cushions?  

I had really better get busy on some of this before my day off is gone and nothing has been done!

I am inspired, though.  Read II Corinthians 1 and have been wondering if it is maybe possible to transfer some of the over abundant comfort that God has provided me into some of the projects I have made.  Could I transfer that comfort to a quilt, for instance?  Hmm...pondering this while I go to check laundry and make lunch.  Then back here to start work on something!  Oh!  Linking to WIP Wednesday at this wonderful blog.

God Bless your day!

love, Lisa

March 22, 2011

Andy's Drawings

My Andy loves to draw.  He draws, for the most part, simple little figures.  He's always had a genuine like of all things miniature.  He has a collection of mini nutcrackers.  He has a set of little wooden bunnies.  And he prefers "LittleDog" to "BigDog".  Only because he is mini and definitely not because of temperament.  

I chose these ones because they were black on white and very simple lines.  The picture above is a favorite because of the look on the little vampire named Vowkesh.  He appears genuinely surprised at what he has done to the poor civilian.  I don't think he had in mind this outcome.

I also liked doing this project because I felt I had some liberty with my choices.  The boy, after all, has no idea about quilting and stitches and what is proper and what is not in a quilted wall hanging.  So I just made it up.  I used some of the fancy stitches on my machine.  I quilted some squares more than others.  It was fun.  

I like the finished product.  I just hope it evens out after I wash and press it.  So, I guess, this is an almost finished item.  I loved doing it and I think I'll try again.  Maybe some other drawings of the kids.  Or my nieces.   

And of course, I'm going to link to Fabric Tuesday!  I've had some time today to see some of the many links and I'm especially inspired by this and this and this.  Check them all out at QuiltStory

Have a great day!

love, Lisa

*Edited to add a link to All Things Heart and Home and the All Things Inspired for the 22nd.  I love this blog!  

March 16, 2011

Finished Butterflies

Phew!  I finished a quilt!  This is the quilt I started back in February for the March Moda Bakeshop Contest. So, I'm linking it up to their Flickr group.  And I'm linking to my favorite...Fabric Tuesday (even though it is Wednesday!)

This quilt was made using this pattern from MBS.  And all of the fabrics are by Moda.   I used a charm pack of Aviary by 3Sisters for the butterfly blocks and a polka dot for every other block.  The sashing and binding are the same Sweetwater print, the border is also Aviary and the backing is yardage by Joanna Figuroa of FigTree Quilts.

This is the first big pieced project I have done and another first in the free-motion quilting.  I decided to go with my original plan of quilting the butterflies and flowers like in the pattern and made a few rows of straight lines to make a frame.  I still need loads of practice with the free-motion quilting! This project was not with out its trying moments.  For some reason my sewing machine decided to give me trouble on about every other flower.

This is what happened (above) to the back on about 10 or so of the individual quilted butterflies and flowers.  I have no idea what happened, I just know I spent many, many minutes with my seam ripper!  But I did each of them over and I'm really liking the back now, too.

If you look too closely you can really see how "wonky" my quilting is.  No two butterflies or flowers are the same.  Can I just say this is a feature rather than a flaw?  :)  I think I will!  I definitely enjoyed the whole process, some parts more than others.  I think the piecing and hand sewing the binding were my favorite parts of this process.  

I was hand sewing the binding today thinking about all the people in Japan.  Hand stitching is fine that way, it busy's the hands and allows the heart and mind to wander.  I think that what I love so much about hand sewing, whether it is a binding or embroidery or whatever,   is that I can think about upcoming projects or ideas,  I can plan dinner or I can talk to my God and ask Him to put His hand on those that He puts on my heart.   Today that was the people in Japan.  

love, Lisa 

March 14, 2011

Making Progress

Had lots of fun sewing this weekend.  I'm making progress on several projects.
This quilt is coming along nicely.

 I decided to practice free motion quilting more and after finding out a couple of things I started quilting it.  It is slow going but fun and worth it, I think.  Plus I'm breaking it up with time spent working on some hand stitching.  I have (almost) three of the little animals done for the little quilt I'm making from this book. 

This little quilt is for the Craft Book Challenge  over at this cute blog.  I'm pretty sure I'll finish this one by the end of March.  What I'll do with it when I'm idea.  But it is so cute!

And finally have this project for my middle child almost done!  I've been working on the embroidery for quite a long while now.  I had it just set aside for a couple of months and finished it up in just a few hours, really.

It is made up of a few of Andy's little drawing which I stitched and then pieced together in grays and black.  I like the result.  I like it even more that my boy likes it!

And lastly a quilt top.  I must say that putting quilt tops together is so very nice.  I love this part!

This one came together so fast using a charm pack and a few fat quarters.  No particular pattern, just easy piecing.  I would like to use more of this fabric for something a little more detailed.  I think I'd like to try one of the pinwheel patterns using this.  Or maybe some of the new fabric I won...Someday!  

*Edited to add:  I'm linking to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  I found this blog through yet another blog to which I am a recent reader.  I love looking at all the links!

Here are some encouraging words for the week: God writes through us and however imperfect instruments we may be, He writes beautifully.  ~Mother Theresa

Hope your week is full of creativity and many blessings!

love, Lisa

March 8, 2011

Any Ideas?

I'm linking this practice pillow to Fabric Tuesday!

I'm making a quilt for the Moda Bake Shop March contest and I need some advice.  I made this pillow as a practice for the actual quilting.  I, with my not-so-vast quilting knowledge decided I would try to do the the quilting as the instructions said they had done but I wanted to use a variegated thread because I have liked the look on many quilts I've seen.  

The photos above are evidence that this was a bad idea.  Freestyle(?) quilting is not as easy as I thought it would be and the butterflies look square.  Not how they should look!

Now the quilt top is done and the layers are basted together and I don't really know what to do to quilt it.  I was thinking of hand quilting the butterflies with perle cotton, maybe?  Straight lines?  I'm a little stuck at this point but I would really like to finish it up soon.  Any advice will be considered and much appreciated!

Have a blessed day!

love, Lisa

March 1, 2011

Quilted Market Tote

At last a new bag.  I have been quilting quite a bit lately and wanted to do a simple tote bag that I could incorporate some quilting into.  

This is what I came up with.  Originally I thought it would end up slightly larger but I made it very boxy and that took away a bit from the size.  Both sides are the same with the large pockets and little polka dot ruffle along the bottom (that's my favorite part!).  

I used the very lovely fabrics from Fig Tree Quilts called Patisserie and the color set is Butterscotch and a bit of the Mill House Inn which is the red and white piece.  I plan to use this bag for Spring.  I think it will hold up well for shopping at all the rummage sales and farmers markets.  I'm happy to have this done to post for QuiltStory's Fabric Tuesday, of course!

love, Lisa