March 22, 2011

Andy's Drawings

My Andy loves to draw.  He draws, for the most part, simple little figures.  He's always had a genuine like of all things miniature.  He has a collection of mini nutcrackers.  He has a set of little wooden bunnies.  And he prefers "LittleDog" to "BigDog".  Only because he is mini and definitely not because of temperament.  

I chose these ones because they were black on white and very simple lines.  The picture above is a favorite because of the look on the little vampire named Vowkesh.  He appears genuinely surprised at what he has done to the poor civilian.  I don't think he had in mind this outcome.

I also liked doing this project because I felt I had some liberty with my choices.  The boy, after all, has no idea about quilting and stitches and what is proper and what is not in a quilted wall hanging.  So I just made it up.  I used some of the fancy stitches on my machine.  I quilted some squares more than others.  It was fun.  

I like the finished product.  I just hope it evens out after I wash and press it.  So, I guess, this is an almost finished item.  I loved doing it and I think I'll try again.  Maybe some other drawings of the kids.  Or my nieces.   

And of course, I'm going to link to Fabric Tuesday!  I've had some time today to see some of the many links and I'm especially inspired by this and this and this.  Check them all out at QuiltStory

Have a great day!

love, Lisa

*Edited to add a link to All Things Heart and Home and the All Things Inspired for the 22nd.  I love this blog!  


Nancy said...

Love this idea. When my daughter is old enough to create lovely drawings I'm really looking forward to transfering them to fabric. Thanks for sharing your link over at Quilt Story.

Mariliz said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! It is a great idea, and you will treasure it forever!!

Robin said...

This is beyond be kept forever and a day...
I'm going to do this when my 2 year old granddaughter starts drawing me pictures!
All Things Heart and Home
(I love your gorgeous blog...I sure hope you come bk on Wednesday and link up more inspiration!)xo

Quiltstory said...

That is an utterly adorable idea, I love that! It will be treasured forever! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday :)

Leila said...

I love the idea of embroidering children's drawings. The vampire is priceless.