March 16, 2011

Finished Butterflies

Phew!  I finished a quilt!  This is the quilt I started back in February for the March Moda Bakeshop Contest. So, I'm linking it up to their Flickr group.  And I'm linking to my favorite...Fabric Tuesday (even though it is Wednesday!)

This quilt was made using this pattern from MBS.  And all of the fabrics are by Moda.   I used a charm pack of Aviary by 3Sisters for the butterfly blocks and a polka dot for every other block.  The sashing and binding are the same Sweetwater print, the border is also Aviary and the backing is yardage by Joanna Figuroa of FigTree Quilts.

This is the first big pieced project I have done and another first in the free-motion quilting.  I decided to go with my original plan of quilting the butterflies and flowers like in the pattern and made a few rows of straight lines to make a frame.  I still need loads of practice with the free-motion quilting! This project was not with out its trying moments.  For some reason my sewing machine decided to give me trouble on about every other flower.

This is what happened (above) to the back on about 10 or so of the individual quilted butterflies and flowers.  I have no idea what happened, I just know I spent many, many minutes with my seam ripper!  But I did each of them over and I'm really liking the back now, too.

If you look too closely you can really see how "wonky" my quilting is.  No two butterflies or flowers are the same.  Can I just say this is a feature rather than a flaw?  :)  I think I will!  I definitely enjoyed the whole process, some parts more than others.  I think the piecing and hand sewing the binding were my favorite parts of this process.  

I was hand sewing the binding today thinking about all the people in Japan.  Hand stitching is fine that way, it busy's the hands and allows the heart and mind to wander.  I think that what I love so much about hand sewing, whether it is a binding or embroidery or whatever,   is that I can think about upcoming projects or ideas,  I can plan dinner or I can talk to my God and ask Him to put His hand on those that He puts on my heart.   Today that was the people in Japan.  

love, Lisa 


Becky said...

Very nice job! I love the way it turned out, and how each block is different! Good luck with the contest!

Quiltstory said...

BEAUTIFUL colors, love the butterflies and fabulous quilting!! I love how this turned out, you did amazing! Thanks for linking to Fabric Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Doesnt' it feel good to get a project finished? Hi, I'm Peggy Ann and I want to thank you for leaving a comment and compliment on my flicker page for MBS charm pack event. Isnt it funny that we both used 3Sister's Avairy?

I read your "about me" and it reads just like me and also your last paragraph this this blog. Love your heart!