March 14, 2011

Making Progress

Had lots of fun sewing this weekend.  I'm making progress on several projects.
This quilt is coming along nicely.

 I decided to practice free motion quilting more and after finding out a couple of things I started quilting it.  It is slow going but fun and worth it, I think.  Plus I'm breaking it up with time spent working on some hand stitching.  I have (almost) three of the little animals done for the little quilt I'm making from this book. 

This little quilt is for the Craft Book Challenge  over at this cute blog.  I'm pretty sure I'll finish this one by the end of March.  What I'll do with it when I'm idea.  But it is so cute!

And finally have this project for my middle child almost done!  I've been working on the embroidery for quite a long while now.  I had it just set aside for a couple of months and finished it up in just a few hours, really.

It is made up of a few of Andy's little drawing which I stitched and then pieced together in grays and black.  I like the result.  I like it even more that my boy likes it!

And lastly a quilt top.  I must say that putting quilt tops together is so very nice.  I love this part!

This one came together so fast using a charm pack and a few fat quarters.  No particular pattern, just easy piecing.  I would like to use more of this fabric for something a little more detailed.  I think I'd like to try one of the pinwheel patterns using this.  Or maybe some of the new fabric I won...Someday!  

*Edited to add:  I'm linking to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.  I found this blog through yet another blog to which I am a recent reader.  I love looking at all the links!

Here are some encouraging words for the week: God writes through us and however imperfect instruments we may be, He writes beautifully.  ~Mother Theresa

Hope your week is full of creativity and many blessings!

love, Lisa


Dee said...

Love the ducks! And the Bliss (?) quilt is just too awesomely sweet!

Kimberly White said...

I think embroidering your son's art work is GENIOUS! Awesome work! Happy WIP wednesday!

Marci Girl said...

Yes, the embroidery of your son's artwork is awesome! Also love the ducks, makes me want to do some myself!

Kurt the Quilt Geek said...

I love the embroidery of your son's art! it is one of those things he can keep forever!

Amy said...

very nice handwork.I love the idea of embroidering your sons artwork!

Lisa Ann said...

Thank you for the kind comments! I loved doing this project and I know that my son likes it! I think I'll do it again. :)