March 1, 2011

Quilted Market Tote

At last a new bag.  I have been quilting quite a bit lately and wanted to do a simple tote bag that I could incorporate some quilting into.  

This is what I came up with.  Originally I thought it would end up slightly larger but I made it very boxy and that took away a bit from the size.  Both sides are the same with the large pockets and little polka dot ruffle along the bottom (that's my favorite part!).  

I used the very lovely fabrics from Fig Tree Quilts called Patisserie and the color set is Butterscotch and a bit of the Mill House Inn which is the red and white piece.  I plan to use this bag for Spring.  I think it will hold up well for shopping at all the rummage sales and farmers markets.  I'm happy to have this done to post for QuiltStory's Fabric Tuesday, of course!

love, Lisa

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