March 23, 2011

Works in Progress

I have so many projects started!  More than I like to have around at any given time.  I'd better get busy!

1.  The Bliss Charm Pack quilt top is now partnered with its pieced back, sandwiched and basted.

2.  I'm still working on the embroidery for the little Country Time Quilt from the book Embroidery Companion.  This project is for the Craft Book Challenge.

3.  I have started a mini-quilt that I intend to use as a topper for a very small dresser that is being refinished.  I also incorporated my One Little Word into this project and I think I will love the result.  Also, I am going to give free-motion quilting another go on this piece.

4.  For the above mention project there were lots of scraps after cutting the pieces for the bloom (dresden).  I could not bring myself to throw them out so I challenged myself to use them up.

5.  I have also endeavored back into the world of clothes making.  This is a simple pattern I had made before last summer for my sister.  She requested another some time ago and I am now getting around to this.

6.  Same sister also wanted a pillow made of certain fabrics, pictured above.  I'm happy to oblige.

Some of these projects require only a couple of hours to be completed.  Others much longer.  Instead of working on any of them, I have been daydreaming of all the beautiful things I want to do to our currently very ugly backyard.  And this gets my mind going to all of the wonderful things I can sew up for our table once we take it out.  And maybe some cushions?  

I had really better get busy on some of this before my day off is gone and nothing has been done!

I am inspired, though.  Read II Corinthians 1 and have been wondering if it is maybe possible to transfer some of the over abundant comfort that God has provided me into some of the projects I have made.  Could I transfer that comfort to a quilt, for instance?  Hmm...pondering this while I go to check laundry and make lunch.  Then back here to start work on something!  Oh!  Linking to WIP Wednesday at this wonderful blog.

God Bless your day!

love, Lisa


Marci Girl said...

Love that very first picture, very creative! I also like that simplicity pattern, it will make some lovely clothing.

Allison said...

I like your horse embroidery :)
Also, your sister picked out pretty fabrics for a pillow - I hope to see how it comes out

Wendy said...

There was so much pretty fabric in that post, I was drooling by the time I got to the bottom of it! I'm just in love with Bliss. Your mini quilt for a dresser is a great idea, I think I might have to try one for me too. I think my words would have to be something like "Hurry up, you're late" though!!