April 6, 2011

Longest WIP Ever?

I've been sewing things off and on for many, many years.  Last year I made bags, this year pillows and quilts.  A long time ago, about 18 years, I was pregnant with my daughter.  She was my first and I had such high and lofty ideas of all the wonderful things I would make her, all the time I would spend sewing cute things.  Then she was actually here.  And all the time that I thought I would have to sew was suddenly not available for sewing.  It was spent with her.  My sweet girl.  Almost 18 now.

I did actually start a quilt for her.  I embroidered 26 little Precious Moments letters.  This part alone took about 2 years.  Then the whole project was put away and left to sit for several years.  I pulled it out sometime around 2000 and started piecing it together with tiny little squares (postage stamp style).  I remember taking weeks to cut and put those little pieces together.  There was so much frustration every time I tried to work on it that I eventually put it away again.  There it sat in my fabric pile neatly folded.  I would see it each time I reached for fabric for various projects, sometimes feeling a slight pang of guilt that I never finished it, though, most times I could only recall the frustration of piecing it together which made me not want to even pull it out to take a peek at it.

Well, I've been quilting now and I feel like some of my skills have improved and I'm ready to tackle it once again.  This time I am going for something pretty simple.  Maybe log cabin blocks?  Maybe just some sashing around each letter?  Not sure yet but at least it is out!  I spent a good part of an afternoon seam ripping the cross-stitched letters out of the quilt top.  I have renewed inspiration for this project and I can't wait to get it done!  I've imagined it done so many times over the years and now it may finally happen!

Wish me luck!  *Linking to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday, of course!  

love, Lisa


Dawnmarie said...

I'm so glad you're working on this again! The blocks are beautiful and it will be wonderful to have it done. Maybe once it's finished you can put it away for a future grandchild. That would be a great ending to the story!

Dee said...

I just love it and just think, when it's done, she'll have an awesome quiltey hug from her momma that will last her lifetime and her children, and their children!
Hooray for you!

Wendy said...

Wow! All those cross stitch panels... it's amazing! You have to finish this, this will be a family heirloom

Leila said...

You are taking it apart? The cross stitch panels are amazing. Maybe you can give it to your daughter's first little girl. :)