April 19, 2011

Quilt No. 6 and Quilt No. 7. and What I Learned

Otherwise known as 'the Bliss Quilt' and 'Country Time Quilt'.

Anyone have those stacks of fabric that you just do not want to use for fear of ruining it?  Well, this little stack of Bliss was like that for me.   It took so long to finish because I was very much afraid to ruin it.  Well, now it is done and I'm pleased as punch that it is complete!

The Country Time Quilt as well.  I so enjoyed this project for two main reasons.  One, it contains hand embroidery and two, because of the many different squares of fabric.  Choosing the fabrics was great and such a relief that they did not have to "match".  I'm in love with this little quilt!  Also, this was supposed to be my March project for the CBC.  (Pattern is from the book Embroidery Companion).  But I just finished it now.  In April.  (April CBC project coming soon!)

These are such different projects and I learned so much while doing each of them.  I consider myself a novice at quilting so it does not surprise me when I do learn things as I'm doing a project.  Here is a list of what I learned while making these two quilts simultaneously.

1.  Patterns in fabric and put together pieces have a different effects when viewed from above (as on a desk)
     and when viewed at eye level (as on a design wall).   I did both of these quilts while looking at the block
     placement from a relatively close proximity.  While I like them both very much, I think if I had done them
     on a larger area like a design wall that I would have had a different outcome on both but surely the block
     placement would be different on the Country Time quilt.  I'm not totally pleased with the arrangement but
     I like it fine now that it is complete.

2.  Batting choice is very important to the finished feel of a quilt.   I guess batting is the same as everything
     else:  You get what you pay for.  Sadly, I used a very inexpensive batting on the Bliss quilt.  I think it was
     some sort of poly-something.  Kind of on the thick side but is sewed very nicely in the machine.  What I
    do not like about it is the way it feels in the sections where there is minimal quilting (the frames around the
    blocks.  It kinda feels like a cheap comforter.  For the Country Time quilt I used a natural cotton called
   Warm and White.  I love the feel of this!  It gives the quilt a wonderful weight.

3.  Hand quilting is glorious but very time consuming!  At least for me.  I'm sure I will get better as I do it
     more.  I absolutely love the way the finished quilt feels with the hand stitches running through it.  I will
     definitely be doing this again.

4.  I love quilting.  I think I already knew this but I thought more about the process from start to finish and
     I came to the conclusion that each part of making a quilt is its own achievement.  Choosing the colors,
     picking the layout or pattern, cutting, piecing, quilting, binding each have its own sense of completion that
     goes along with it.  This allows for accomplishment to not only come with the finished piece but
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God Bless!

love, Lisa


Karen said...

They are both gorgeous! I totally know how you feel about your bliss fabric. I have lots of fabric and scrapbook paper that I am hoarding because I'm afraid to mess it up and I won't be able to get more. I know....I probably need an intervention :) I'm new to quilting and I just finished my first tablerunner last week and I loved the feel of it and the weight of it and as soon as it was finished I realized how much I love quilting. I can't wait to get started on a baby quilt for my daughter's baby shower in May. Thanks for sharing!

Oxford Impressions said...

Both your quilts are beautiful. You did a wonderful job. I adore the bliss fabric and need to get me some soon! I had trouble picking out quilt batting for many years and then one day I was at the fabric store and it was 50% off for the big rolls that you take to the counter and get cut. My first time I was embarrassed to carry such a large mass of batting to the cutting counter. But after I got it home and used, I have never gone back to any other type. For me it is the best. Thanks for sharing.

Quiltstory said...

Love both of th ese darling quilts! Good work! Thanks for linking to Quiltstory!

Robin said...

These are dreamy. Thank you for all the tips...I'm a novice and can use all the advice I can get!
All Things Heart and Home

~Carla~ said...

They are both absolutely gorgeous & I appreciate your tips & suggestions on the quilt! I'm in the process of making my first one and have a LOT to learn! lol!