May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday No. 28

Taking inventory again today of all the projects coming and going.  I'm super happy to be finished with Buttercup Patchwork No. 1!  Though, the fact that it is the only project I've completed in some time is kind of a bummer.  But not too much!
So, the ongoing projects:
PM quilt
do.Good Stitches June Blocks
Strawberry Tablecloth
Lovely Quilt
Buttercup Patchwork No. 2
Secret Embroidery Project (New)
Tanks for Christy
Strawberry Embroidery

Quilt Tops Waiting to be Finished
Only one new project this week! Well, two actually, if I count the do.Good Stitches blocks as new.   I'm itching to start something else, though.  I was thinking maybe a swap or a quilt-along.  Anyone know of any that are starting that I may be able to join?

Head over to Lee's blog, Freshly Pieced,  to see all of the WIPs going on!

Happy Wednesday, God bless!
love, Lisa

May 24, 2011

Buttercup Patchwork No. 1

My patchwork quilt it finally done.  I'm so happy to have finished this one!  And just in time for Fabric Tuesday over at QuiltStory!  I have to say, I think this is the best all around quilt I've made.  I'm getting better!

I used a good batting in this one.  A lesson I learned from the last quilt I made.  I think my stippling (meandering, really) has improved some, though, I could really use some more practice with keeping the stitch length perfectly even.  And I'm liking the combo of straight lines and stipple.

A very simple quilt but still enough of a challenge that I learned even more about quilting while making it.  I'm going to move on to Buttercup Patchwork No. 2 next.   Maybe I'll do some things different to improve on that one even more.

I am loving that even though these are far from perfect, we still end up with a nice, usable, warm, snugly, cozy quilt.  I don't think we'll be noticing the stitch length when we are picnicking with it or cuddling underneath its soft and wrinkly warmth.
I do apologize for the bad photos (and so many!) but it has been a dreary day here in Colorado and I just could not wait for the sun to shine.  I hope to run it through the wash and then be able to take more photos, maybe tomorrow or on the long weekend!  One last pic, though!
Details:  Patchwork squares and binding are Buttercup by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda and Kona Snow
             Border is pale yellow quilters cotton
             Backing (not shown) is also pale yellow quilters cotton with one patch of Buttercup
*Edited to add link to All Things Heart and Home!  There is so much inspiration here, I spend way too much time looking here.  And this is more than just sewing!  There are recipes, makeover projects, sewing and lots more!

Happy Tuesday!
love, Lisa

May 18, 2011

WIP's Day Again Already

When I sit down to take inventory of what I have going on in my sewing/craft room it seems to me that Wednesday and therefore WiP inventory, comes all too quickly.
So many projects, so little time.  Here is the list this week:
1.  Still working to finish Buttercup Patchwork No. 1.

2.  The top of Buttercup Patchwork No. 2 is almost complete.  Working on the back today.

3.  Embroidery for Strawberry Tablecloth for CBC project is coming along.  (No Photo)
4.  Tank tops for Chris are getting closer and closer to done!
On hold:  Aprons, Precious Moments quilt and Lovely quilt.
*Edited to add:  I'm linking to WIP Wednesday over at Lee's blog!  (How did I forget this?!)

Lots of projects to go work on for the rest of my midweek day off!
God bless the rest of your week!

love, Lisa

May 17, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2011

This is the first year I'll be participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival.  I've been a frequent visitor to Amy's blog and I love her style and I just bought her book, which is wonderful.  I'm joining kind of late because I was not sure that I was going to join at all.

The quilts that I have been looking at are so intricate and colorful.  I have not made a quilt that is really that big or special.

Then I was in a big rush to finish a quilt that I'm working on but that is not going to happen.  Plus I realized that I don't really want to rush this.  I want to enjoy the process and be peaceful about it so I stopped the rushing.

And then I decided that I would choose the one quilt I have made that I love best.  It is the cutest little quilt now hanging in my sewing room.  How cute are the little farm animals?  Alicia Paulsen did such a wonderful design job.  So cute and so simple.  I have loved this quilt since I first saw the pattern in Embroidery Companion.  I'm very pleased with the result, especially after I did a final washing.  It is puckered and lovely, I think.

Just click the link over on the right side and enjoy the other wonderful quilts and prepare to spend much time looking!  Thanks for stopping by!

love, Lisa

May 11, 2011

WIP Wednesday #26

Wednesdays come so quickly!

I think I've done so much and then I (naturally) take inventory (this has become a habit since finding WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!) and I find that I really have not done as much as I'd hoped.   Anyway, here is the rundown:

Backs are done (for both) and one is basted (photo above).

Working on the stitching for my CBC Challenge project for this month, the Strawberry Tablecloth.  I've started stitching but I don't have a photo.

Plans for these cross-stitched blocks are finalized and I'll be choosing fabrics soon.

No progress on this one yet. This is the quilt using Lovely (Sandy Gervais for Moda) fabric and the pattern is from Perfect for Precuts magazine.

Christy's tanks: 1 done,  1 cut
No photos of the aprons I was starting....because I have not started.  I've only picked the pattern and decided what colors but I have yet to pick (or buy) the fabric.  
Besides sewing WIPs I have the garden plants and planning that has been taking up quite some time.  The plants are progressing nicely, though.  Mostly without me.  I just provide water now and again.  I love that.

I could go and work on one of these projects but I think I'm going to go make another WIP.  I really want a notebook cover that I love.  I'm going to use the same pattern by Bloom on MBS but I'll use different fabrics and make it way better than the last one!

Have a good night, God Bless!

love, Lisa

May 10, 2011

Strawberry Happiness

I am absolutely loving all kinds of strawberry goodness lately.

I got this yardage from my Sweet Girl and her BFF.  They were out and about one day and thought I might like some new fabric.   The first thing I made with it was a super quick and easy tote.  I called it "Strawberry Tote No. 1".

I'm linking this little goodie up to Fabric Tuesday with QuiltStory!

I've also got a little Strawberry Tablecloth project going on for this month with the Craft Book Challenge.  It has adorable embroidered strawberries and blossoms.  I still have yet to start it, though, because I do not have the right DMC colors.  
And last night we had a wonderful yellow cake with strawberries and frosting.  Yum!

Happy Tuesday!
love, Lisa

May 9, 2011

May Craft Book Challenge

I'm looking forward to challenging myself this month.  I took on this Craft Book Challenge as an after thought and now I have decided to take it a bit more seriously.

I have only a few craft books.  Maybe six or seven.  But I love each one of them not only for the wonderful projects that they feature but in fact, more for the endless inspiration that they provide.

For May I am really going to try to get (another) project done from Embroidery Companion.  I absolutely love this book!  I think that Alicia Paulsen has great style.

For this month I would like to make the Strawberry Tablecloth.  I love embroidering on fabrics and I picked up a cotton tablecloth on clearance at Wal-Mart that I'm going to embroider on.  I have it all traced onto the fabric.  Now all I have to do is go pick up the right DMC colors.  Humph.  I should have made sure I had them before I started, I guess.

Have a great week!
love, Lisa

May 3, 2011

More WIPs And A (Kinda) Finish

Spring has definitely sprung in Colorado.  We are having great weather this week!  This is wonderful because we can finally get going on some (much needed) yard work.

Ugly yard, cute pup, right?

These look like a kind of patchwork, I think.  I did manage to get a couple of things done with fabric as opposed to dirt.  I finished the book cover for the April Moda Bake Shop Contest but I did not enter it.  I didn't think it came out so well.  For a contest anyway.  I'll still use it.

I used Fandango fabrics by Kate Spain.  Not my normal color choices but when I had them all laid out I thought they were beautiful.  The embroidery was my own funky addition.  Linking to QuiltStory and Fabric Tuesday!

I also got my blocks done for do.Good Stitches.  I'm the quilter this month and I cant wait to get this quilt put together!  I chose this pattern.  I'm loving the blocks and I think I'll make one of these of my own.

Still moving along on other projects but none so much as the yard.  That seems really important to me lately, though, I dont know why.

Maybe it's just God's beauty all around that I cant get enough of.  Cheesy, but true.

love, Lisa