June 1, 2011

WIP Wednesday No. 29 And Quilt-Alongs

Hello!  I'm joining up with all the others over at Freshly Pieced.

 I've got many WIP's and some exciting (to me!) news!  First the WIPs.

*Buttercup Patchwork No. 2 has a completed back now!
Pieced Back of Buttercup Patchwork No. 2
I chose to do this one without binding.  I used the same method as this quilt which is basically a sandwich.  I sewed the perimeter of the sandwich, turned out and hand stitched the opening closed.  Now I just have to decide how to quilt it.

The next photo is just because I like it.  It was my favorite.  :)

*I'm almost done with the tank tops for my sister.  In fact, as soon as this is published that is what I'll be working on.  Hopefully she is coming over so she can take them home later?!  Chris?  You there?
*Apron fabrics are chosen.  Pattern is chosen and they will be cut later today.  I'm using some of the vintage-y looking DS fabrics from JoAnn.  I love that some of them look old fashioned.  That is why I picked them.
*Fabrics for June do.Good.Stitches blocks are bought and I'll be trying these this weekend.
*Waiting on one more package of blocks to arrive to start piecing the top of my May do.Good.Stitches quilt. This one is going to be so fun!
*Strawberry Tablecloth embroidery is coming along nicely.  I'm almost done with the 1st corner.
*I have put a couple of projects on hold for now (the Lovely quilt and the Precious Moments).  I'm ok with that, too, because...
I've joined a couple of Quilt-Alongs!  My first ever.  I was looking for one to start and I found two!  I'm joining Clover and Violet for the Embroidery 101: Stitch and Quilt Along.  This one has already started but it is just the beginning and I'm going to do a post tomorrow to show my fabric choices.
And I've also decided to do Elizabeth's Quilt Along.

This one looks like it will be quite challenging for me since it involves triangles.  I've never done these but this will be the time to learn!  I'm also doing some triangles for do.Good.Stitches blocks this month.  This is going to be great!  Lots to learn.  I hope to make some trial blocks soon.  So there you have it!  I'm so excited to get some of these going.  I'm off to get some sewing in on my day off!

God Bless!
love, Lisa


Diane said...

YOur buttercup quilt is lovely! I love the soft colors!

Elizabeth D. said...

Your Buttercup quilt looks so soft and beautiful! Yay, glad to hear you're joining the quilt along!! It's going to be a ton of fun :) Thanks for sharing and linking up with WIP Wednesday!

Bree said...

You've been busy! I love your Buttercup quilt, those colors are gorgeous. And your pictures of it are so happy!

LynCC said...

Love your Buttercup quilt - front and back! Very reversible.

Becky said...

Wow! You have a lot of things going on! The quilt looks great! I used to make all of my baby blankets like that before I started quilting. I'm itching to make some clothes too!

Libby said...

Your Buttercup quilt is beautiful!! I LOVE your pieced back! Your projects sound like alot of fun..can't wait to watch your progress!

Katie B. said...

I love your Buttercup quilt! So pretty. And you're going to love the quilt-alongs. You just might get addicted! There are tons of people willing to help in the Flickr group if you have questions.

Jenniffier said...

I like your Buttercup Patchwork No. 2 quilt. It looks wonderful! I too chose to join both of those QAL so it looks like we will be working together this summer! Good luck and have fun!

Jennie {Clover and Violet} said...


I'm so glad you're joining the QAL! I tried to e-mail a reply to your question, but you're a no-reply blogger! So, I answered it in the comments section. Also, feel free to check out my tutorial on adding your e-mail to your profile!