July 11, 2011

Aprons Galore

So much going on in my sewing world lately that this project (which has been on my WiP list for months) kinda got lost in it all.  It took forever to get them started once I had the fabric but once the sewing started, it was super easy.  I actually made the two small ones in an afternoon.
Apron for Olivia
,The pattern could not have been easier for this one.  Very clear and simple and cute!
Apron for PeytanBella
The following aprons were requests from my girl and her friend.  They both chose the pattern and the fabric.

The pink, ruffly, French apron is for my sweet girl.  This is so her...very girly and frilly.

And finally, the cupcake apron is for her BFF.  
 The patchwork bib was a special request and so easy to put together one the patchwork was complete.
Patchwork back
All patterns are from this book:
I have plans for a couple more for myself but not yet.  These were so fun and easy to make! 

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Good words for today from Philippians 1:7.  One of my favorite verses.

 It is right for me to feel this way about all of you, since I have you in my heart...

love, Lisa


Anonymous said...

Love your aprons! I almost bought that book at one point...but then I shifted gears to quilting. =)

Carla said...

Talk about apron love! This came out fantastic! I'm also an apron lover. Your family/friends are going to love them.

Tanya @ Greetings From the Asylum said...

I must have an apron in the kitchen. Though I only have an industrial one left over from when my brother went to culinary school. I really should make myself a cute frilly one! Thanks for inspiring me to get to sewing!

Carissa said...

Fun! What great aprons. I love the cupcake fabric on the pocket of the second one and the ruffles on the french apron. Well done!

I found you through the Handmade Tuesdays party at Ladybug blessings and am your newest follower! I'd love a follow back if you're interested @ Carissa's Creativity Space