August 25, 2011

QAL Blocks

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Right now, I do not consider myself a great sewer or even a good sewer (or sewist, if you prefer). I do, however, consider myself a student of all things sewing and I love to learn new techniques and stitches and blocks and..... In that respect I feel that I am moving forward as a sewer, getting better even. All that being said, I'm not sure why some of the Farmer's Wife blocks that initially seem no harder than others, give me such a hard time. One of this weeks blocks was quite the doozy for me! Here is block 25, Cups and Saucers. It was very difficult to get seams to match and such but after fussing with it I'm ok with the outcome and it shall remain as is until I get an urge to fix it. Which may or may not happen before I make the quilt.
And here is the 2nd Block called Cut Glass Dish. I like this one alot. I can see a whole quilt of these little guys. Maybe a bit bigger, though.
Now, on to the Stitch and Quilt Along with Clover and Violet. I don't think I've posted these last 2 blocks. Forgive me if it is a repeat. Block 4 was a favorite:
Block 5
That is it for the quilt-a-longs. I am off to work on some ideas for the holidays. Do any of you, dear Readers, have any links to fun and easy Christmas projects? I would love to see them anytime. I hope I'm not the only one thinking of these things at the (barely) end of summer! I'm just so slow, I have to get going soon! I have many people that I want to make for. I'm trying to be more of a giving person and I want (hope) to include so many. I'm going to need help! I'm off to find some inspiration! Have a wonderful weekend! love, Lisa
We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your[a] faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead,[b] do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.
Romans 12:6-8

August 24, 2011

Progress On Many Fronts

Hello, fellow WIPsters! Happy Wednesday, although it is late in the day... On with the WIP list for WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.
Quilt-a-longs: Farmer's Wife - Currently caught up. I'll post recent blocks tomorrow. Embroidery 101 - Currently caught up and waiting for the new block pattern. Ongoing projects: *Strawberry Tablecloth - second corner is coming along! I hardly remember when I started this one. I know it was for the Craft Book Challenge, I think it was May. I have no idea when I'll finish it but at least I've made progress!
*Lovely Quilt - This one is coming along nicely. I've decided to change it up a bit and I hope to have a top done soon. Here is a picture of what it was....I've since taken all the squares apart with my trusty seam ripper and I've cut the squares in half to make triangles. They are currently being chain stitched back into squares.
*PM Quilt - This has gotten the most attention this week. I'm happy to report that the top is done! I'm so pleased with it now. I really did not like it before but I think it was a valiant first try! Here is the sweet new top:
And that is my list! It is slowly getting shorter. I have so many ideas though, for holiday gifts and such that it wont be long before it expands again. Anyone else thinking about holiday sewing yet? I feel like if I don't start now I'll never get done. I want to make something for everyone! Hope the rest of your week is swell and blessed and full of good, late-summery stuff! love, Lisa

August 22, 2011

Ready for Fall

Hello! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I was able to get some sewing in for the Friday Night Sew In done.
I worked on cutting into this pile of solids for the Precious Moments quilt:
There was not much to the cutting, just 1.5" strips of each colors. I did a log cabin type block for this quilt to keep it simple and focused on the letters, which I cross-stitched years ago. I was able to get A-N done. That is just over half! Really hoping to have this top done in the next week.
I love the FNSI if only for the fact that I sign up and immediately have a project in mind and a time constraint set and it gives a structure to the sewing time that I don't always have. Sometimes I come to sew and there is so much going on or my desk is too cluttered or my mind is too cluttered so I get next to nothing done. Later in the weekend I worked on the wonky log cabin for my new niece Aaliya. It is finished! I'm so happy with this quilt for many reasons. One, my sister and I made it together. Two, we used only fabrics from our stashes...even the backing! Three, it is a pretty small quilt so it was really quick. Four, I feel like I'm getting better at FMQ because this one was a breeze!
The top is so cute and girly, I think. And the back is just the way I love to finish a quilt...with the pieced back using some of the same blocks on the front. All I really need to do is figure out some sort of tag for my quilts. I've never done that before. It would be nice to have the date and who made it, right? Front:
Progress from last week that I never posted to the FWQAL....These are my week 12 blocks for the Farmer's Wife QAL.
I love block 24! I think this is my best one so far. Here is 23 Country Farm.
Here is 24 Country Path:
We are looking forward to another week of temps in the 90's but with all of these new quilts lying around I'm so ready for Autumn weather! Sweaters and comfy socks and hot tea and snuggling under a quilt...oooh, I.cant. wait! Plus I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts. I decided to make Christmas for everyone I know. Hopefully, if I start now, everyone will get something handmade to go along with their gift. Or maybe the handmade will be their gift... I'm going to link the finished quilt to Canoe Ridge Creations Modern Monday and to Fabric Tuesday, which I realize is not until tomorrow. But I do not like editing posts. So, there it is. Go over and see all the inspiration! I'm hoping to find some ideas for some of those gifts I was talking about!
Have a great week! See you for WIP Wednesday! God bless each of you! love, Lisa

August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday #40

I know that I have linked to many a WIP Wednesday but I am sure I have not done 40!  I'm probably at more like 20.  I think.  I should count them.

I have fewer WIP's this week than last.  So that means progress! 

*Kaleidoscope  Done!
*Clover and Violet  -  caught up.  Here is the lasted block.

*Farmer's Wife  -  caught up....though, I have yet to do this weeks blocks.  That is for later today.  
*do.Good.Stitches  -  blocks are done.  I ripped them apart and sewed with a more scant .25" seam and they came out to the right size.  Love these blocks.

Ongoing projects:
*Wonky Log Cabin for Aaliya  -  Top is finished and I'm cutting/piecing the back today.  Maybe even layering it.  Well, that might be a bit ambitious.

*PM Quilt  -  I've got the layout planned and I'm prepared to start cutting.  I just need new blades...
*Strawberry Tablecloth  -  At this point I'm almost ready to knock it off the progress.
*Lovely quilt  -  No longer on hold.  I'm going to finish this!

And that is it, my friends!  The list is getting shorter and shorter.  All in preparation to make it longer and longer as I work on holiday and gift items.  That is going to be so fun!!

Hope everyone had a productive week and I wish you all well!  God Bless!
love, Lisa

August 16, 2011

My Kaleidoscope

Sometimes I look at a finished project and I cannot believe that I made (baked, sewed, created) it.
At the beginning of this quilt-a-long I was sure I would be the first to finish for the simple reason that I was so excited to do it.  That did not happen.  But I love this quilt so much even though it was not without its moments.  And the fact that I finished so much later than was scheduled kinda irks me, though, I'm not sure why because I think that the finished product is so worth it!  Plus, it made me a better quilter, I think.

So, many thanks to Elizabeth for all of her hard work in putting this together, hosting and allowing us to join the fun.  I learned quite a few things with this quilt.  Knowledge I hope to put to use in the near future when I attempt my second quilt that will not be made entirely with straight, squared lines.

I went from this:

Chain piecing the corners
 to this:
Basting the layers with new curved pins!
and finally, to this:
Finished Quilt front
Finished Quilt Back
I love the way the quilting came out!  I must admit that I totally copied another Kaleidoscope quilt that was done by Katie of Katies Korner.  (I hope you don't mind, Katie!)  All in all, I'm so glad that I gathered the gumption to finish this before I set it aside and let it sit!  

Linking to Fabric Tuesday over at QuiltStory!  Pop over and take a look at all the inspiration there.

By the way, the fabrics I used are Central Park by Kate Spain for the main pieces as well as the backing, Kona White for the contrast and Sweetwater for the binding.

Thanks for looking,
love, Lisa

August 10, 2011

Wednesday WIPS

What a week!  It seems as though I have so much going on but when I come to sew I can't decide what to work on.  I did manage to make a bit of headway in the sewing arena this week.

*Kaleidoscope    This is my favorite quilt to date.  I'm just amazed that I made that top!  I did make a little change since last week.  I decided it needed a border.  So I added one.  And while I have not started the quilting, it is basted and trimmed and ready to go.
Pieced Back to Kaleidoscope
*Clover and Violet   I'm almost done with the last block and the new block came out today.  I will be done with both....tomorrow?  That is my {high} hope.
*Farmer's Wife   Well, uh, I'm caught up.  :)  But I strongly dislike Corn and Beans.  I will have to visit that little lovely at another time.

I have the fabrics chosen and I've read the tutorial for the block.  I just need to make them.  Maybe today!

Pretty {little} Pouch Swap
Done!  Mailed!  I just hope my partner likes it.  She should get it this week.

On-going projects
*Wonky Log Cabin for Aaliya  Top is done but I have not done the back yet.  I'll be finishing this one solo.
*Strawberry Tablecloth  No progress.  But still on the list!
*PM Quilt  No longer on hold as I have purchased the fabric and I'll be cutting as soon as I finish up one of the big quilts I have going now.  I don't want to have too many going at once.

On Hold
*Lovely quilt   One of these days this will get done.  I'm playing with the idea of finishing up before my Granny's birthday in October so it can be her gift.

7 Projects going
1 Finished

Actually, I did finish another little project.  I've been inspired to work on small, quick projects lately.  I love starting a project and finishing just a couple of hours later.  And recently I've been making kitchen items.  A couple of nights ago I made another little dishtowel.  I love it.  Not my usual kitchen style but I like it nonetheless.  I especially like the mitered corners even though they gave me a bit of trouble.

So that is my WiP Wednesday.  I'm linking up to Lee's WiP Wednesday, how about you?

More soon!  Have a blessed day! 

love, Lisa

August 4, 2011

Quilt Along Progress

Happy Thursday!  I've decided that this will be the day that I post about progress on the various quilt a-longs and swaps I'm currently doing.

I'm currently caught up on the Farmer's Wife!  I have done blocks 1 through 20 (in order from the book).  I wont overload with pictures of each block but I'll start this week with the weeks current blocks.  I did 19-Checkerboard and 20-Churn Dash.

Obviously I have yet to square them up.  I figure I'll do that all at once or maybe one day I'll feel like I really need to get it done.  I'll do it then.  :)  This quilt is going to be one huge mash up of all the scraps in my scrap collection!
Block 19 is Checkerboard and I must say I have actually wanted to do this block from the time I got the book.  The other I wanted to do right away is 29 - Economy but I'm waiting!)

I did this one in all polka dots with the light Lecien floral.  These were actually scraps from the Clover and Violet quilt along.  Block 20 is Churn Dash.  I was so confused at this block whenever I'd seen it.  I dont know what it was about it but I could not figure it out and that bugged me.  I can usually look at a quilt block and see what the components are going to be so I'm glad to have done it with a pattern and have it in my mind.

This one has a bit of the Lecien as well, the light blue with roses, a bit of Momo, the blue check and a pink and white that I'm not sure where it is from.  My sister I think.  But she did not make it, I only mean I got it from her pile of fabric....
I've got another quilt top to finish!  I love this quilt!  It is the Kaleidoscope Quilt Along with Don't Call Me Betsy.  I was so glad to join this from the beginning and finish roughly when I was supposed to.  I'm going to baste it and quilt it over the weekend.

I just know I'm going to love it no matter what the quilting is but for the moment I'm still deciding.  I was going to stipple it.  That was when I thought it would be done by the 5th.  Since I'm not going to make that date, I was thinking I would hand quilt in the white space with Perle cotton, possible in various colors to match the Central Park fabric.  What would you do?  I'm open to new suggestions as well if anybody has one.  I'll also be taking a look at the Flickr group to see what everyone else did.

And for the last quilt along..which is actually the first one that I joined...I am also caught up.  I hope to get the current block done tomorrow night while watching a movie while my guys are out at the races.  For the sake of including a photo :)  I'll show the previous block.  I kinda messed this one up from the start.  The pattern I started putting to fabric was too big so it is not exactly as designed.  I did not want to scrap it, though, so I just went with it.  I think it is ok.

Now, believe it or not, I'm thinking about joining another quilt along!  It is with Melissa of  Happy Quilting.  It is going to be a stars quilt and I've been wanting to try stars.  I've been wanting to do stars for a Christmas quilt for my family.  And this looks like it might work.  I hope.

Time to get back to work.  Thanks for visiting!  Have a good weekend!

love, Lisa

August 2, 2011

Today is WIP Wednesday!

Time to link to Lee's blog, Freshly Pieced, for WiP Wednesday!  I missed last week so my list is a bit different than my last WiP Wednesday.  Follow the link on the right side to visit her blog and be inspired!

I did finish one project from my last list.  I posted about it here.  I love each of these little projects!

I'm still working on 3 quilt-a-longs at the same time.
1.  Embroidery 101   This one is going at a nice slow pace so I'm caught up.  Originally I thought that it was going to be too slow for me but I was so wrong!  I have block #4 to do now before next week but I'll get it done.  Here is the last block:

2.  Kaleidoscope Quilt-a-Long   I have the top finished!  No photos yet but it is done, I promise!  I'll be basting and quilting it soon!
3.  Farmer's Wife  I'm so close to being caught up!  I hope to get to blocks 18, 19 and 20 today.

These are my on-going projects:
*Wonky log cabin for Aaliya    The top is (mostly) done.  My sister has to finish some embroidery on one block and I have to make the back.
*Pretty {little} Pouch Swap   I have (another) pouch in the works.  I was so not happy with the first one so I won't even bother to show it.  I should not even speak of it!  This one is much nicer, I think.
*Strawberry Tablecloth   This one is kinda stalled but I'm keeping it on the list because I have high hopes to work on it again soon!

On hold:
*PM Quilt
*Lovely Quilt

And that is it!  Just 6 projects this week and three of them are quilt-a-longs. And I do have some ideas in the planning stages but nothing started.  I'm shopping around for some nice Christmas fabric and a wonderful pattern (hopefully with some kind of star block) to make my family a Christmas quilt.  Plus ideas for Christmas gifts that need to be started soon.  Not too bad.  I'm down to the wire on a couple of projects like the pouch swap and the kaleidoscope.  Both need to be done before the 8th...I'd better get sewing on these!

Good luck with all your WIP's this week!  God bless you!

love, Lisa

August 1, 2011


Hello!  I'm back from a bit of a hiatus from this little blog and I'm ready to post a few recently finished projects!

This is the table runner with some matchy-matchy linens to go along with it.  I started with the runner, which has been done for quite some time and then decided to dress up a couple of plain flour sack towels that I had to match.  All fabrics are DS Quilts from Jo~Ann's.  Love them!

I just added a border to each along with a bit of embroidery.  I plan on giving these light kitchen duty.  Hopefully the rest of the family will do so and not use them for cleaning up iced tea spills and such!  

I really like the outcome.  A couple of techniques were new to me but I love how they turned out.  The design is very simple and I think the different types of quilting make it look nicer somehow than it would have looked otherwise.  The faux piping is another favorite.  I used this tutorial for the first time and it was so easy!

Diamonds and pebbles for quilting.
The potholder was an afterthought.  I just had to use the scraps!

I hope this counts as "modern" cuz I'm linking to Canoe Ridge Creations Sew Modern Monday!  Head over to Megan's blog and see all the other modern finishes!  They are beautiful!  

*Edited to add link up to QuiltStory's Fabric Tuesday and Handmade Tuesday over at Ladybug Blessings as well!  There is so much inspiration to be found over there!  Follow the link to go visit or see their button in my sidebar on the right.  
Be blessed and enjoy the week!
love, Lisa