August 24, 2011

Progress On Many Fronts

Hello, fellow WIPsters! Happy Wednesday, although it is late in the day... On with the WIP list for WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.
Quilt-a-longs: Farmer's Wife - Currently caught up. I'll post recent blocks tomorrow. Embroidery 101 - Currently caught up and waiting for the new block pattern. Ongoing projects: *Strawberry Tablecloth - second corner is coming along! I hardly remember when I started this one. I know it was for the Craft Book Challenge, I think it was May. I have no idea when I'll finish it but at least I've made progress!
*Lovely Quilt - This one is coming along nicely. I've decided to change it up a bit and I hope to have a top done soon. Here is a picture of what it was....I've since taken all the squares apart with my trusty seam ripper and I've cut the squares in half to make triangles. They are currently being chain stitched back into squares.
*PM Quilt - This has gotten the most attention this week. I'm happy to report that the top is done! I'm so pleased with it now. I really did not like it before but I think it was a valiant first try! Here is the sweet new top:
And that is my list! It is slowly getting shorter. I have so many ideas though, for holiday gifts and such that it wont be long before it expands again. Anyone else thinking about holiday sewing yet? I feel like if I don't start now I'll never get done. I want to make something for everyone! Hope the rest of your week is swell and blessed and full of good, late-summery stuff! love, Lisa

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