August 22, 2011

Ready for Fall

Hello! I hope that everyone had a great weekend! I was able to get some sewing in for the Friday Night Sew In done.
I worked on cutting into this pile of solids for the Precious Moments quilt:
There was not much to the cutting, just 1.5" strips of each colors. I did a log cabin type block for this quilt to keep it simple and focused on the letters, which I cross-stitched years ago. I was able to get A-N done. That is just over half! Really hoping to have this top done in the next week.
I love the FNSI if only for the fact that I sign up and immediately have a project in mind and a time constraint set and it gives a structure to the sewing time that I don't always have. Sometimes I come to sew and there is so much going on or my desk is too cluttered or my mind is too cluttered so I get next to nothing done. Later in the weekend I worked on the wonky log cabin for my new niece Aaliya. It is finished! I'm so happy with this quilt for many reasons. One, my sister and I made it together. Two, we used only fabrics from our stashes...even the backing! Three, it is a pretty small quilt so it was really quick. Four, I feel like I'm getting better at FMQ because this one was a breeze!
The top is so cute and girly, I think. And the back is just the way I love to finish a quilt...with the pieced back using some of the same blocks on the front. All I really need to do is figure out some sort of tag for my quilts. I've never done that before. It would be nice to have the date and who made it, right? Front:
Progress from last week that I never posted to the FWQAL....These are my week 12 blocks for the Farmer's Wife QAL.
I love block 24! I think this is my best one so far. Here is 23 Country Farm.
Here is 24 Country Path:
We are looking forward to another week of temps in the 90's but with all of these new quilts lying around I'm so ready for Autumn weather! Sweaters and comfy socks and hot tea and snuggling under a quilt...oooh, I.cant. wait! Plus I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts. I decided to make Christmas for everyone I know. Hopefully, if I start now, everyone will get something handmade to go along with their gift. Or maybe the handmade will be their gift... I'm going to link the finished quilt to Canoe Ridge Creations Modern Monday and to Fabric Tuesday, which I realize is not until tomorrow. But I do not like editing posts. So, there it is. Go over and see all the inspiration! I'm hoping to find some ideas for some of those gifts I was talking about!
Have a great week! See you for WIP Wednesday! God bless each of you! love, Lisa


Toni said...

Love the wonky log cabin! Very fun colors! I agree, I have been thinking about the tag/label thing lately, too. Haven't come up with anything yet though. Your FW blocks look great, too!

noga quilts said...

I just LOVE your wonky log cabin quilt! It is so girly, happy and beautiful! Good for you for using only fabrics from your stash. I think we all over buy new fabrics while we have so much lying around our house....

I agree with you about the label thing. I decided that no work will leave my house without a label, and I label all my quilts with date, name and name of recipient.

Connie said...

Your Precious Moments blocks are beautiful and great fabrics in your wonky Log Cabin1

susan said...

Love your wonky log cabin quilt. Beautifully made.