August 2, 2011

Today is WIP Wednesday!

Time to link to Lee's blog, Freshly Pieced, for WiP Wednesday!  I missed last week so my list is a bit different than my last WiP Wednesday.  Follow the link on the right side to visit her blog and be inspired!

I did finish one project from my last list.  I posted about it here.  I love each of these little projects!

I'm still working on 3 quilt-a-longs at the same time.
1.  Embroidery 101   This one is going at a nice slow pace so I'm caught up.  Originally I thought that it was going to be too slow for me but I was so wrong!  I have block #4 to do now before next week but I'll get it done.  Here is the last block:

2.  Kaleidoscope Quilt-a-Long   I have the top finished!  No photos yet but it is done, I promise!  I'll be basting and quilting it soon!
3.  Farmer's Wife  I'm so close to being caught up!  I hope to get to blocks 18, 19 and 20 today.

These are my on-going projects:
*Wonky log cabin for Aaliya    The top is (mostly) done.  My sister has to finish some embroidery on one block and I have to make the back.
*Pretty {little} Pouch Swap   I have (another) pouch in the works.  I was so not happy with the first one so I won't even bother to show it.  I should not even speak of it!  This one is much nicer, I think.
*Strawberry Tablecloth   This one is kinda stalled but I'm keeping it on the list because I have high hopes to work on it again soon!

On hold:
*PM Quilt
*Lovely Quilt

And that is it!  Just 6 projects this week and three of them are quilt-a-longs. And I do have some ideas in the planning stages but nothing started.  I'm shopping around for some nice Christmas fabric and a wonderful pattern (hopefully with some kind of star block) to make my family a Christmas quilt.  Plus ideas for Christmas gifts that need to be started soon.  Not too bad.  I'm down to the wire on a couple of projects like the pouch swap and the kaleidoscope.  Both need to be done before the 8th...I'd better get sewing on these!

Good luck with all your WIP's this week!  God bless you!

love, Lisa


Melinda said...

I'm doing Embroidery 101 as well. Yours looks lovely. Your runner and linens are so colorful and sweet!

Tanya said...

I love the yellow with the picnics and fairgrounds fabric. And I like your log cabin block very much!

Katie B. said...

I've been thinking about a family Christmas quilt too. Never too early to get started!

LynCC said...

The embroidery 101 is so pretty1

Bree said...

Your blocks look great. Sounds like you've got plenty of work on your plate right now!

Good luck with your pouch! I had a hard time getting started on mine, but it was fun to work on.

Allison said...

love your embroidery and log cabin blocks, they are so sweet :)