August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday #40

I know that I have linked to many a WIP Wednesday but I am sure I have not done 40!  I'm probably at more like 20.  I think.  I should count them.

I have fewer WIP's this week than last.  So that means progress! 

*Kaleidoscope  Done!
*Clover and Violet  -  caught up.  Here is the lasted block.

*Farmer's Wife  -  caught up....though, I have yet to do this weeks blocks.  That is for later today.  
*do.Good.Stitches  -  blocks are done.  I ripped them apart and sewed with a more scant .25" seam and they came out to the right size.  Love these blocks.

Ongoing projects:
*Wonky Log Cabin for Aaliya  -  Top is finished and I'm cutting/piecing the back today.  Maybe even layering it.  Well, that might be a bit ambitious.

*PM Quilt  -  I've got the layout planned and I'm prepared to start cutting.  I just need new blades...
*Strawberry Tablecloth  -  At this point I'm almost ready to knock it off the progress.
*Lovely quilt  -  No longer on hold.  I'm going to finish this!

And that is it, my friends!  The list is getting shorter and shorter.  All in preparation to make it longer and longer as I work on holiday and gift items.  That is going to be so fun!!

Hope everyone had a productive week and I wish you all well!  God Bless!
love, Lisa


Cille said...

I must be doing it all wrong because my WIP list just keep getting longer an longer. LOL!
You have some grat quilts in progress. I really like The wonky log quilt.... And well the stars as well :)

Katie B. said...

Great progress! Your do good stitches blocks look really good.

Lee said...

Love your Do Good Stitches blocks. That's such a great block pattern. And the wonky quilt is so fun! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )