October 24, 2011

A Lovely Finish

I crossed one project off the WiP list. This quilt has actually been finished for a couple of weeks and in fact, has already been given to it's owner, my Granny. She turned 84 this year and I wanted to give her this quilt.
I can't believe that I did not get a photo of the back when it was done. I did get a pic of the dresden that was on the back, though. I included a bit of embroidery for the centers. I've been calling it the Lovely quilt forever because I used the Lovely fabric by Sandy Gervais for Moda.
I'll be linking to Canoe Ridge Creations Sew Modern Monday!
I haven't been to this linky party in a while and I'm excited to have a project done for it! Click the link to go over and see what everyone else has completed! God Bless! love, Lisa

October 23, 2011

FNSI Success!

Finally, a FNSI where I actually did the sewing that I planned. I was so excited to be sewing as I have not gotten any kind of creative project done in several weeks due to being sick. It was yucky. Sickness is the enemy of creativity. I'm so glad to have some progress showing up here this weekend! It serves as great inspiration for doing the next piece of a project. Here's what I was able to do...I got the sashing done on the Clover and Violet QAL blocks and got them all pieced! I'm so glad to see this one come together. I'll be linking this to the Flickr group for the QAL. There are some other great versions linked up here.
For now I'm calling this a completed top even though I am playing with the idea of adding an outside border. Still working that out. I'm so glad I did this quilt-a-long. It was nice to go at this pace and to have stayed caught up (for the most part). Plus, I love embroidery. :)
The other big project I have going on is the September quilt for do.Good.Stitches. I absolutely love this quilt! A huge "thank you" and hugs to the ladies in the Peace circle for their great work. They did exactly what I requested and that made this one of my favorite quilts to date.
I still have to get the batting and the backing and I have a bit of embroidery to finish up, too, but even as just a top, I love it! I'm linking up to the FNSI group over on Flickr! There is alot of sewing going on... Have a blessed week! love, Lisa

October 19, 2011

WiP Wednesday

I'm back again (2 posts in the same day!). This time to link to Lee's WiP Wednesday. Fun, fun!
Here is the list: Only Two QAL's still going: Clover and Violet's and I'm ready to put the blocks together! Here is the last block (with all it's wrinkles!):
FWQAL: I'm so far behind! Hope to catch up...someday! :)
Quilts in progress: *Lovely quilt has been finished and already given as the gift it was intended. Hope to post pics soon! *PM quilt - No progress here. *do.Good.Stitches Sept quilt - I'm working on the additional blocks that I need and some sashing ideas. Maybe I'll have a top by the weekend? *Dilly Dally progress. I'm still thinking about layouts for these, hoping I have enough blocks for 2 small quilts. *Oct blocks for do.Good.Stitches - I have the fabrics and words, now I just need time to sew them!
Embroidery projects: *Sampler is coming along. *Fall embroidery project is started. Here is a peek:
Sorry about the fuzzy photo! Finally, I'm finishing up a small project to go along with the pouch I made for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap. The pouch has been done for some time.
Wow...I've got many, maybe too many things going. I will be getting some sewing time in over the weekend though. Plus, the Friday Night Sew In is this Friday! I'm going to get a project in mind to finish Friday evening.
I'm nursing a cold today so, I'm off to take a nap. Then I hope to have motivation + energy to sew later today. Praying for healing today. For myself and family. That may be the biggest and definitely the most important WiP I've got going on. God bless you. love, Lisa

Celebrate-ing {Fall} Color

Have you been to Rachel's Celebrate Color? I've been wanting to make something for this with wonderful Autumn colors since it started (a month ago!). I finally did. In fact, I made 2 projects. The first bag I made using wonderful fall colored fabrics that I had available.
I picked these deep, rich colors because they are warm and bright and they say "fall" to me. I happened to have the little leaf charm (from a candle, I think) so I added it to the front.
Then I was making a pouch for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap and I was thinking about the colors in the patchwork along with the linen and it also, struck me as fall-ish. I love red with natural linens all the time so maybe it is just the season but I think it works for fall. And what better for Fall or anytime then a book bag? I was in need of a new one, anyway! Here is the front:
Here is the back:
I'm going to check out some of the other wonderful, fall, colorful projects over at Rachel's blog! Go check them out, too!
Have a blessed day! love, Lisa

October 5, 2011

WiP Wednesday

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to share some of the projects I have going on this week. It has been many Wednesdays since I have participated in WIP Wednesday with Freshly Pieced and I'm ready to participate!
Before I commence with the list of WiP's I do have a finished project to share. I joined the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap (round 3) and I made a little patchwork pouch for my partner.
Now I'm working on a little extra to put in the pouch. Plush I'm working on a tote bag with the leftover pieces. Now for the list: Quilt-a-Longs *Farmers Wife ~ I'm several weeks behind on this but I have a plan for getting caught up in the next couple of weeks when some other projects are finished. *Clover and Violet ~ I'm almost caught up on this one. I just finished block 7 and I think block 9 is coming up this week. So, maybe I'm a bit behind...
Ongoing projects: *PM Quilt ~ This one is so close to being done! It is all ready to be quilted. I still have to make the binding.
*Lovely Quilt ~ I'm working on the back today and hope to have it ready to quilt very soon as this is a gift for a fast approaching birthday!
*do.Good.Stitches September Quilt ~ Playing with ideas for sashing and block placement. I think I want to make it bigger so I'm going to make a few more blocks and add a border as well.
*Dilly Dally's ~ I'm using up the last layer cake that I won from Moda. I'm trying to get a couple of small quilts out of these blocks.
*Embroidery Projects ~ I have a couple of these going right now. One block for Clover and Violet, a sampler I'm making up and a fall project.
I think that is it! It is a long list I know but I'm confident that I will get at least one of these finished this week! Head over and see all the other wonderful works in progress! Have a blessed day! love, Lisa

October 3, 2011

October Monday

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm shocked it is already October. October! Summer is long gone and yet the warm weather still lingers here in Colorado and I'm dreaming of snow. Well, I'm really dreaming of holidays and snow is kind of a part of that, too. Anyhow...I've been sewing again. I have a couple of things finished that I thought I would put out there. I found a lovely tutorial from Anyone Can Quilt and I made a couple of projects with it. One of the stars I used for a small wall hanging in my sewing room.
The second, prettier (I think!) one ended up as a pillow.
These were so fun to make that I am considering to make a whole quilt out of them. Maybe something for my bed? Not thinking too much about it now as I am surely not going to start anything that large when I'm trying to get other projects done! I also made a little pouch for my Pretty {little} Pouch Swap partner. I hope she likes it!
The pouch I'm going to share over at Flickr but the star pillow I am going to share over at Canoe Ridge Creations' {Sew} Modern Monday.
I have not linked up over there in awhile! It will be so nice to get some inspiration for the many things I'm working on! Click the link to go over and take a look, too! And have a great day, God bless! love, Lisa