October 23, 2011

FNSI Success!

Finally, a FNSI where I actually did the sewing that I planned. I was so excited to be sewing as I have not gotten any kind of creative project done in several weeks due to being sick. It was yucky. Sickness is the enemy of creativity. I'm so glad to have some progress showing up here this weekend! It serves as great inspiration for doing the next piece of a project. Here's what I was able to do...I got the sashing done on the Clover and Violet QAL blocks and got them all pieced! I'm so glad to see this one come together. I'll be linking this to the Flickr group for the QAL. There are some other great versions linked up here.
For now I'm calling this a completed top even though I am playing with the idea of adding an outside border. Still working that out. I'm so glad I did this quilt-a-long. It was nice to go at this pace and to have stayed caught up (for the most part). Plus, I love embroidery. :)
The other big project I have going on is the September quilt for do.Good.Stitches. I absolutely love this quilt! A huge "thank you" and hugs to the ladies in the Peace circle for their great work. They did exactly what I requested and that made this one of my favorite quilts to date.
I still have to get the batting and the backing and I have a bit of embroidery to finish up, too, but even as just a top, I love it! I'm linking up to the FNSI group over on Flickr! There is alot of sewing going on... Have a blessed week! love, Lisa


Katie B. said...

Great work! I love the borders you added to the stars quilt!

CityHouseStudio said...

So pretty, Lisa!
Love all the colorful stars!

Kelli said...

Gorgeous quilts, Lisa! I'm a new follower from the FNSI link. :o)

Jenelle said...

Wow! This is such a lovely pairing of fabrics! The embroidery is gorgeous (I love your flower close-up).:)

Wendy said...

Both quilts are gorgeous but I love the embroidered one, the colours are perfect.