November 19, 2011

Big Finish + FNSI + A Week of Thanksgiving

The Precious Moments quilt that I started for my Sweet Girl approximately 17 years ago is finally complete.  {Deep sigh}

This has been one of those projects that has been with me in parts for so many years I don't think I quite remember the exact details of its beginning.  I do know that I started it when my dear daughter was just born or soon thereafter.

I recall an aching fear at one point about 10 years ago when I thought it had been lost in a move across the country.  (I found the pieces in a box with old magazines stuffed in my husbands garage when we were preparing for yet another move). 

I totally remember thinking that this was going to be so easy to have done by her first birthday!  Ha!  At the time I did not even know how to cross stitch!  I just picked up a piece of cloth and went at it.  It was a huge Aida cloth, very stiff, huge holes.  At one point I got bored with making x's and just moved right on to the outline.  With three strands of floss, I might add.  After struggling with this process for some time and not knowing why my little x's did not look like the picture and wondering why the back was so knotty, I decided to read the instructions.  Clever me.  The rest is history.

This project really started my love of handiwork.  I love the little stitches.  I love seeing an object appear after many, many little stitches have been laid.  I remember the excitement of starting each of the little letters...getting one closer to the finish.  And now so many, many years later, finally, it is.

Next up...Another quilt!  I used my time sewing on Friday (for the Friday Night Sew In) to make a quilt top out of the Dilly Dally blocks.  I can't show the whole thing because it is personalized and it is a Christmas gift!  I cant wait to show it after it has been gifted but for now here is a picture of the top before the name was added. Now to pin baste it...

I'm linking my finished quilt to {Sew} Modern Monday and Fabric Tuesday!

Finally, I want to give thanks.  This coming holiday is about being thankful and I have so much to be grateful for.  Mostly I have to give thanks to my Jesus for so many things...everything, really.  I do not do this as often as I should and the reminder of Thanksgiving makes it more evident that my life is truly blessed!

 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.  ~Psalms 106:1

God Bless!

love, Lisa


Katie B. said...

Lisa, that is an incredible finish! Congrats!

Rebecca said...

It must feel great to have that finished! Beautiful quilts!

Ellen said...

A wonderful finish of a quilt that will be a family heirloom!