November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday wip list is almost exactly the same as it was last Wednesday.  I did manage to make something {small} from start to finish between the two Wednesdays, though!  Just a mini, but still.

Plus I managed to almost finish the PM Quilt!!  I'm still in the process of sewing the binding on but I think I shall be able to finish that tonight!  I hope to be able to check this one off the WIP list before the weekend.

I guess to keep it real, I need to keep it on the WIP list for today because it is not complete as of this post.

Quilts in Progress
*PM Quilt - Binding in process
*Clover and Violet QAL quilt - No progress but that is only because I did major focusing on the above mentioned quilt!
*do.Good.Stitches Quilt - I'm adding a border.  I've decided.  And I know what the border is going to look like.  That counts as progress, right?

Embroidery Projects
*Fall Table Runner - Almost done with the stitching.  I made some mums.

Quilt Alongs
*FWQAL - No progress.  I'm still behind.

*I still have those Dilly Dally blocks to play with but I have not come up with a plan...yet.
*I did finish up the Nov. blocks for do.Good.Stitches.  This was a block for Katie for our Peace circle.  It was easy and it finished so nicely.  I'm playing with an idea to use that same block for a border on a project. That is another one for 2012, maybe!

So, last week had 7 WIP's and this week is down to 6!!  Yay!  And very soon to be 5!  How low do I let this get before I can start a new project to add to the WIP list?
Be sure to head over to Lee's blog to see all the other WIP's!

Hope the rest of the week is good and blessed!

love, Lisa


Heather D. said...

I love quick projects that can be started and finished in a short amount of time. Your mini is very cute.

Katie said...

Love the mini and your embroidery!